Forty(-ish) And Fashionable

Being “middle aged” means that your choices are a bit more limited, but that does not mean that you will not look as fabulous as you have always been. You also still can wear those comfy casual outfits, but not those that make you look like a carefree twenty-something, we are referring to these outfits that have a classy touch and still make you look fabulous.

I love outfits that you can easily add or take away pieces this time of year (here in Minnesota each day can be very different).

Here are a few ideas!

Now to be clear, Rach Parcell is far less then 40 but I love this outfit she has on.  It is trendy but with a classic edge, that is practical for any age.


I love this pairing.  I love when you can dress up a pair of distressed jeans by simply pairing it with a simple blouse and cute blazer.  (For Spring, I left out the sweater.)  Most all of us have a similar outfit in our closet, and I love that this has such a an effortless but pulled together look.  A great outfit to go meet some friends with!

Gwyneth Paltrow always pulls together some seemingly effortless outfits as well.  Classic, casual and simple.


I love this Gingham dress!  Classic, simple and versatile.  Paired with this hat, it’s fun and playful (and a little Jane Bond-ish)!


Love this maxi dress and the versatility and comfort it brings.  A crisp white denim jacket is perfect for when the temps cool slightly in the evening.  Paired with the red purse its a great casual dinner outfit, or simply running errands.


Jennifer Aniston is always styled to perfection.  I do not wear shorts often but I love this look.  Smart and a bit sassy (the shoes)!  What I love is that by simply changing out the shoes, you can dress this outfit up or down.


I started this post out with The Pink Peonies Fashionista and I will end it with her as well.  Again, she always manages to piece together a style that seems effortless and classic.


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