5 Things that I couldn’t live without?

Fun question.  What are 5 things you just could not live without?  Now, I am NOT talking the obvious BIG things like FAMILY, FRIENDS, HOME, MONEY, AIR, you get the idea……but 5 things that you love just a little and that make your life a bit easier.

My current 5 were hard to whittle down.  I need so much (don’t tell Ally how materialistic I am)!

#1.  For real, my toothbrush is my #1 (and I love my Sonic)!  It’s the first I do in the morning.  I need to brush my teeth.

#2.  I am not good without my coffee.  Is anybody good without their coffee??  I love Tyler’s NO ACID, it is friendly to my stomach!

#3.  I need my Arbonne energy drink with my breakfast (wait, does that count as two if I have breakfast?).  AMEN

#4.  I can’t believe how much I love my IPhone watch (I got it as a Christmas gift)!  This is a handy little gadget that does, pretty much everything!

#5.  My bed (does it count as ONE if the lap top (for blogging of course) and muffin and coffee were on the bed?  I love sleeping, it’s so important to my overall health!

What are 5 things you love just a little and would have a hard time living without?

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