6 Things I Always Pack

I find that packing for a trip can always be so intimidating and challenging.  It seems that I never quite have the right items.  Here a few staple things that I now incorporate into my packing, regardless of where I go.

  I cannot tell you the number of times that I figured there would be no swimming on a trip and somehow, I find myself in need of a bathing suit.  “Panic” swimsuit shopping is never fun and it’s a waste of money (as rarely do I like my purchase, given my shopping choices).  I love these throwback, vintage style suits as they are practical and forgiving as one ages.

Chino’s.  It seems I pack for a “warm” trip thinking that I will never need anything longer than shorts.  I did this when I went to San Francisco (a novice traveler) I figured it would be warm (not realizing SF has cool ocean breeze’s).  I like a neutral color like these khaki green chino’s that can go with anything and be dressed up or down. 

A comfortable pair of shoes.  Again, a mistake I have made when traveling.  I have packed shoes for outfits more worried about my overall look than comfort.  I always pack a comfortable walking shoe now, as I found that with age, comes wisdom (and achier feet)!  I like a simple, tailored shoe that can be paired easily with shorts, chino’s or a simple dress or skirt.  I love these Allbirds.  

A jean jacket. I love this one that I got at Target.  It’s versatile and so easy to dress up or down.  I like a medium color that way I can pair it with colored jeans, my chino’s, shorts, a sundress, skirt or darker jeans.

My skin care (in travel size).  You can pretty much buy anything else but finding YOUR good quality skin care products on the fly, is often very difficult.  I always be sure that I pack what I use in a convenient travel size.

And a good book.  So, many times I think I will grab something at the airport and I can never find anything that speaks to me.  A book is a great way to pass the time on the plane or for those quiet times on the beach or veranda while relaxing.  I have read all of Dan Brown’s work and I have devoured each of his novel’s, as I did with his last book Origin.  



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