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A Bucket List

No, I’m not talking Jack Nicholson or Morgan Freeman but that was a great movie!  Same idea though.  First of all, what is a bucket list and why do we need one?

The idea of a bucket list?  Well, is to create a list of things that you want to do before you “kick the bucket”.  What is the importance of having a bucket list?  Bucket lists are helpful in that they’re a way of listening to your inner wisdom.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind, to do lists, going to work and coming home, doing chores and the like-you can lose site of that inner compass. ~Dr Shilagh Mirgain (She climbed to the highest peak in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro-it was on her bucket list.)

A bucket list is a way of keeping us grounded.  We all get caught up too easily in the human rat race: work, family, eat, sleep, repeat.

First coming up with, and then keeping a bucket list is huge when looking at our own self-fulfillment.  Why is that?

  1. A bucket list helps to increase motivation. Essentially, it is a goal that you are always working towards which gives us motivation from the mundane.
  2. A bucket list increases achievement.  Essentially, goal setting and achievement are directly related in that it increases an overall feeling of success.
  3. It helps us to be more in touch with our values.  This is more of a springboard of what is truly important to in our lives and helps us to define the things that will bring us pleasure.
  4. Sometimes it is easy to look at a summer, a season or a year and think that we have lots of time but then life takes over and the day to day begins to get us down.  A bucket list helps us to keep our goals in mind and helps to keep focusing forward to get through the mundane.
  5. Making a bucket list is just plain fun and a brainstorming session (or a few) gets our creative juices flowing.  A bucket list helps us to dream bigger, nurture our inner child and make life more enjoyable.
  6. A bucket list in inspirational and it can involve loved ones.  Sharing peak experiences with loved ones in regards to a bucket list is life fulfilling.
  7. A bucket list keeps you active because most often a part of your bucket list will contain a physical component (like maybe climbing a mountain!).
  8. A bucket list creates a legacy that can be handed down to your children, grandchildren and so on.  It fuels a passion for exploring our inner being!  It allows you to be an example to others!
  9. A bucket list makes you more interesting!  Think of the stories you will have to share!
  10. A bucket list pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone!  Everyone needs a push to reach just a little more for those things that may seem uncomfortable or difficult to do.

People tend to be and FEEL more successful that have a bucket list!  They also tend to feel more excited about life!

I have always wanted to do a bucket list.  There are places I would like to see and some fun ideas I would love to share with my family.  I am definitely not a list person but I can see the benefits of defining goals, fun goals. So, I have started a bucket list.  I have encouraged a bucket list for Bruce (his own) and then one we can do together!

Do you have a bucket list?  We would love to hear from you.  What is one thing you would share with us from your bucket list?



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