A cup of Jo

We are newbies to blogging! And being new, it is hard to “define” what we are about and what we want to blog about. I want it to speak to people on every level:

  • Travel
  • Shopper
  • Style enthusiast
  • Home Decorist
  • Inspirational tidbits
  • Healthy ideas
  • Relationships

And the list goes on from there, it is a truly endless list because a lifestyle blog really encompasses every aspect of living!

There are so many great lifestyle blog sites out there, that it’s tough to even have the time to enjoy a fraction of them.  As I surf around through the various blogs, I find little tidbits from each blogger that are useful, thoughtful and inspirational!

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere
  • A Beautiful Mess
  • Magnolia (could Jo be any more awesome?)
  • Hither and Thither
  • Apartment 34
  • The Sister Project (my inspiration for our blog)
  • Six Sister Stuff (also an inspiration for this blog)

And the list is also endless here.

But my current favorite blogger is A Cup of Jo!

Her blogging style is both whimsical and informative.  Her articles make me laugh and they also tear me up, like her update article about her twin sister.

She covers a large variety of topics and I always learn something!

She is an inspiration for me as I work with my sisters to build our blog.

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