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Another Funny Thing About Relationships

I literally stole this from A Cup of Jo because I think it one of the funniest little stories about relationships, and their truths!

Are you in a long-term relationship? I’ve realized something…

I’ve been dating my boyfriend Andrew for seven years, and we’ve officially exchanged every story of our lives and the lives of anyone we’ve ever known. With years, comes comfort, and with comfort, comes an embarrassing dynamic that I wouldn’t trade for anything. We interrupt one another, steal food off each other’s plates and spar over things like the merits of Dijon mustard and our sleep schedules. And who doesn’t? But for our friends’ sanity (and ours), we’ve learned to keep these quarrels happily contained in our 175-square-foot studio apartment.

When I was reading ‘Company Man,’ in David Sedaris’s latest collection of essays, he explained this hilarious dynamic with his boyfriend, Hugh:

    “Guests usually take the train from London, and before we pick them up at the station, I remind Hugh that for the duration of their visit, he and I will be playing the role of a perfect couple. This means no bickering and no contradicting each other. If I am seated at the kitchen table and he is standing behind me, he is to place a hand on my shoulder right on the spot where a parrot would perch if I were a pirate instead of the ideal boyfriend. When I tell a story he has heard so often he could lip sync it, he is to pretend to be hearing it for the first time and to be appreciating it as much or more than our guests are. I’m to do the same and to feign delight when he serves something I hate, like fish with little bones in it.”

I was laughing out loud. How true is that? And it feels good! Of course, you can’t always keep it together the whole evening/weekend/trip. “I really blew it a few years back when his friend Sue came for the night,” wrote Sedaris. “‘She knows too much.’” 

Written by Stella Blackmon

Do you do this in your relationship?

Something related but different…..

I remember that my mom would be screaming at us at the top of her lungs (we were not always as angelic as our blonde halo’s may have suggested) and it would be like a yell with a growl, I mean it was scary.  Then the phone would ring and she would answer it mid-yell and her voice literally changed on a dime.  She went from “Darth Vader scary mom voice” to something from a Leave to Beaver episode with June Cleavor answering the phone.  Her voice would raise to a cheerful pitch and she would literally sing “hello” into the phone.

To this day, my sister’s and I laugh about that.


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