Welcome to the Art of Anderson!  First, before we go any further, we do NOT paint, draw or sell art (although we do like to paint-see below for our sister site Mae&Oscar Home that is coming soon!).

To emphasize just how much we do not create “art”, this is a self portrait of the 4 of us that we drew up for you…..right, so you can see we have little skill in this area!

We are 4 sisters, as depicted above ^ Carla (the oldest), Ally (the youngest), Roxy (the second oldest) and Dawn (middle child-ish, which we hear about)!

We grew up in Marshall, MN, a small town that offered nothing more in the way of entertainment than whatever our devious minds could dream up.  We also grew up amidst chaos, dysfunction and love, as I am sure all of us can admit to or at least, are familiar with. Our upbringing made us who we are today, and there are definite benefits from growing up Anderson.  It’s sort of an art form in itself, which why we stumbled upon and then chose the name, the Art of Anderson!

We understand the value of hard work, family and dysfunction. We also understand how those very same values make for some great moments in our lives that we will share here, with all of you.

We do not have a laundry list of credentials, though we do have credentials such as RN (Roxy, Ally and I) and a BS degree for Dawn (not bullsh*t, but business).

We are one part mom, one part wife, one part career, one part creative and one part entrepreneur!  Too many parts?  Maybe.  This blog shares a little of all of those parts!  Some are fun(ny) stories, some may be a little more serious.  We might make you cry but we will also make you laugh, or at least giggle, and that is an art!  The ART of ANDERSON!


We are also creatives at heart!  We love to design but this site was not big enough for the 4 of us to share stories, life events and then creative ideas.  We have instead, decided to keep this site for blogging about “life”.

Our creative and design site, Mae&Oscar Home is coming soon!  We hope you will stop by there as well soon!

~Ally, Carla, Dawn and Roxy