Our name should’ve probably been

“4 sisters and a blog”

but instead we chose 

the Art of Anderson

You could say that our love affair with “creativity” started early.  It was not uncommon for us to help our mother with remodeling, crafting or “fixer upper” projects that never seemed to end.  In fact, through the years we joked that she would never finish a room with one idea before starting on a different theme…for the same room!

How to describe us?  We aren’t a “mommy blog”, but we do have some stories about parenting.  We especially love to share our “mom-fail” fiasco’s!  We are not professional trendsetters, but we do love to share some tidbits about style.  Mostly, our goal is to share comfortable, casual style that can take you anywhere.  We aren’t interior designers, but we love creating spaces that provide a calming, yet attractive vibe.  We aren’t therapists, though we have at times needed, and provided counseling to make it through our various (self-diagnosed) diagnoses.  To that end, we embrace our OCD, ADD and chaotic &hectic lifestyles fully!  We are introverts at heart, which seems to only ignite our passions further for our own comfortable, yet stylish dwellings, in which to hermit in!

Our brand is unique.  I guess you could say ‘LIFE-STYLE’, with a *twist!

We have professional degrees, but not in the areas we will share here (though you do have 3 nurses, and 1 “WebMD” nurse at your service).  This “blog” is designated to the part of us that has always called to our creative and entrepreneurial side.  What we lack in the degrees needed to be considered professional for design or fashion, we make up for with life experience, and trial and error.  We are here to share creativity.  We are here to share life experiences.  But MOSTLY we are here for the sense of communal networking and socialization that is so integral to simply being…..creative.


Creativity is INTELLIGENCE having a little fun!
~Albert Einstein


Meet the “Creative” Sisters

Ally Kaplan

I am a nurse by day, but in my off time I play the ILLUSTRATOR at tAofA, podcasting and youtube are my mission!

When I’m not working I am always designing the perfect minimal, comfortable and well-lived&loved home for my family!

Wife to Matt

“Mom” to two beautiful children Eli and Bella, and my furry baby Lulu.


Dawn Moon

I am the “web-MD nurse” 😉 that my sisters lovingly refer to but when I am not doing that I play the INTERIOR DESIGNER role here at tAofA. I also have a business degree but I am mostly an entrepreneur at heart with passion for anything creative, healthy and sustainable!

Wife to Owen.

Mother to three beautiful children, McKyla, Ashton and Ethan, and my fur baby Dakota.


Roxy Becker

I am a nurse by trade but in my off time, I am the SOCIAL AND STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP COORDINATOR (aka, social networking guru!) here at tAofA. When I am not caring for patients, I dream of all things beautiful in style, beauty, design and life!

Wife to Mark.

“Mom” to 4 beautiful children; Alyssa, Cody, Jordan and Emily. And if you can believe it, I am grandma to 6 beautiful grandchildren!

Carla Anderson

I am also a nurse by trade but like my sisters, in my spare time I have a role here at tAofA as the BRAND Director! I have always had the creative spirit! Like my sisters, it is hard not to share our passion with others!

Wife to Bruce.

Mother to handsome sons, Darek and Darien, and 3 fur-babies, Zorra, Elsa and Oliver.



The fun thing about this forum is that we can share it with anyone and everyone. Our (sister-like) cousin Pamela has also been a part of this blog from helping to come up with our name to creative views on the blog layout. We look forward to her creative wisdom (she’s the ONLY one who actually has a degree in the creative field)!



Graphic Designer~no really I don’t just play one on this website!

The GRASS is GREEN where you WATER it.  Amen!