Okay, I once had an Americana theme in my home but I disposed of it all. Thought that decor phase was out! I was glad for that… However, it’s not! With folks like Joanna Gaines, Americana is back in!

In the past I wasn’t the most patriotic of people. I use to be against war and all things to support our troops. How dare we fight?! How dare we go to war?! How can we harm others?! Well, Dear Roxanna Becker, without our troops we wouldn’t have our freedoms!

The, “Star Spangled Banner,”  that Francis Scott Key wrote about, is about the American Flag that perseveerd as the British tried to shoot it down. However, people died trying to hold up that flag. That flag equals our freedoms and the people who died fighting for them. I read somewhere that when daylight came there were hundreds of bodies laying around that flag and that is the only reason why it stood waving in the air. Can you imagine that? The love for freedom that those people had. Such heroes!

The actual, “Star Spangled Banner”.

That flag is BEAUTIFUL!  So why not celebrate Americana in our home, not only in July 4th, but throughout the whole year?

Okay, I can get behind a toned down Americana home decor theme. So let’s go for it!

Here is my vision:

Let’s paint our room white with a white ship lap wall. If you’re not handy, and can’t do the real thing, don’t fret, because there is wallpaper that looks like ship lap.

PEEL and STICK wallpaper from Target.

I would throw down a jute 8×10 rug from Rugs USA. On top of the jute I would place a 5×7 rug like this blue and white stripe, which is from Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home.


Deconstructed couch from Painted Fox Home.

Americana pillows from Etsy.

We will add this buffet by MillersxingvillageCo from Etsy.  Lighting from Painted Fox Home.


Clock from Painted Home Fox.  Chairs and stools from Painted Fox Home.


Distressed flag from modish

Other details would be greens, tobacco baskets, cotton, blanket ladder with quilts, and white flowing ruffled curtains.


Since we’re talking Americana don’t forget about your July 4th outfit! Rachel Parcell has done it again with a release of some fabulous pieces.

If you have an Americana theme in your home or yard please share… fabulous 4th if July outfit?! We would love to see it❤


Lots of  ❤, Roxanne

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