Beautiful home?

I’m not sure about all of you but I am FOREVER dreaming of new ways to change my home.  Right now, it needs a serious update as we originally built it 20 years ago, time does fly!

I look at blogs and watch HGTV shows and I literally drool over some of these home remodels!  I seriously can’t wait!

Then on another hand, I look around my home and I know that I should just feel blessed to have what I do have, which is pretty nice!  It makes me feel a little selfish to want more…..but is it?

I understand about waste and just throwing away items because they are a little old and worn…but still useful.  I think of the movie Wall-e every time I want to change something simply because I want something to look more updated.


Am I just being wasteful??

So I started to look into some options for re-use of items that we would update in our home, such as cabinets, counters, possibly windows, etc.  I found that in many communities you can donate these items to your local re-use programs and this gives people the option of buying things that they may need to update their home.  Everyone’s “trash” is someone else’s treasure!

Also, there are programs in many local area’s where cities will go into neighborhoods that are in disrepair and update and modernize homes.  Many times they will look to re-use centers for items to use when updating these homes.  I will be honest and say that my cabinets and light fixtures are still in great shape, I just want a newer version.  I think this happens a lot and so instead of throwing it in a dump for Wall-E to deal with later, let’s re-use it now!

If your ready to update or remodel, I encourage you to look in your area for these types of programs or on-site re-use stores so that you can DONATE your used items and then update or remodel your home and still be ‘world healthy conscious’ and ‘help out a neighbor’!

Suddenly, I no longer feel guilty!

Bring on the remodel (in a few years) and updates (in the meantime)!

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