Bedroom Update

This will be a quick post, running late for work.  SHOCKER to NO ONE that knows me well!!

I will not say a bedroom remodel, as truly this was all just a cosmetic face-lift.  Things like getting rid of the single shower and a new vanity in its place are on my wish list.  Also, making the tub area into a super cool tub/shower combo.  And a wall separating the toilet and the shower….

I absolutely detested my room though and literally, I had all the cast-offs as we updated the other bedrooms.  I so wish I would’ve taken a before picture (WHY don’t I EVER do that??) because dreary and depressing doesn’t give the before enough justice!

I have NEVER quite figured out the professional photo trick yet that so many people seem to nail that share on Instagram?!  Instead you’re getting the real life amateur shots with the shadowing and the bad light….(sorry Al, she’s the photographer in the fam).

But here is some fun shots of my bedroom face lift.  LOVING IT!  My fave thing is my horse pic that I got at Hobby Lobby but Christine @shuttertreephotos is the artist behind the pic.

Also, LOVE my blinds that I ordered via blindsgalore which I was introduced to via vintageporch.  LOVE my blinds, came perfectly sized and SO easy to hang!!

More importantly I am putting together a post with my DIY projects that I did for this room!   SO FUN!

And OKAY, I know you’re probably going to see the sign above my bath that says, “messy bun and getting things done” and think, WHAT?  Yep, my hair is short and no bun, but I used to have long hair, does that count?  I couldn’t find one that says, “short hair and I don’t care”!





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