Boss Baby


If you haven’t watched all the amaze Bob Ross reruns on Netflix, I don’t even know who you are. I mean, basically it’s free art classes, therapy, and fashion advise all wrapped up in one. His happy accidents remind me to just go with it…except when the accidents aren’t happy, and they aren’t mine, and it totally is my naughty Bichon LuLu who is punishing me by leaving it on the runner where I step on it before I’m even awake. Guys, ladys, peeps, muchachos….my Bichon is my shadow.  Like, literally I don’t know how I haven’t broken every bone in her body, or mine for that matter, I am tripping over her constantly. 


Currently I am sleeping in the recliner thanks to the very uncomfortable expanders placed by my very skilled plastic surgeon. They aren’t comfy, but the recliner makes me forget about the torture devices. When her daddy goes to work at night and leaves her king sized dog bed empty thus her without warm cuddles, she literally sits at the edge of the bed (right next to the recliner) or at the foot of my recliner whinning.

I am pulled out of sleep by this annoying high pitched tone and immediately use descriptive words we don’t use on this blog to let her know why she should shut.up. Well, now, Boss Baby ain’t going to put up with that. Even though I let her out like three times a night while daddy’s gone, cause you never know if the whine is a real bathroom call, she still finds enough. Where she pulls this fecal matter and urine from, I can not imagine. It’s usually small, but enough to send the message. She be mad.

Happy little accidents, I got zero patience for. ‘Specially after the few weeks I have had. She sniffs it, sits by it, looks up at me with that look…..”whatcha gonna do bout it….huh?” How do you punish a 12 pound fluff ball who’s brain is the size of a walnut? Happy little accidents? Don’t worry ya’ll…no little fluff balls were harmed during this blog post. She was put outside and when she barked to come in, I sat down on the floor the other side of the glass door and looked at her with my “whatcha gonna do bout it” look. Then I promptly let her in cause her barking is soul and ear drum piercing. …..Boss Baby.

This LuLu story and our current flu situation we are dealing with in our home brings fond memories back.  Two years ago the Husband and I went to a marriage retreat up the in the cities, twas going to be a yearly get away for us.  We drop the kiddos and Boss Baby off at Carla’s for the weekend, excited to get away. 

On the way up, we grab Subway quick because we aren’t going to make it in time for the opening events and dinner.  My stomach was a little, meh, so I decided against my sandwich.  We got to the hotel room and decided to head down for the last of the evenings events.  It was clear, something was wrong – I was starting to get achy and chilled.  We left before the closing remarks and bee lined it back to the room. 

I called to check in with Carla, cause I have eternal guilt whenever anyone does anything for us and of course…BOTH kids were vomiting and had diarrhea.  Then…the damn dog started too.  Not.joking…. my poor sister.  She would turn to help one, and the other would explode from one of their ends. 

I am laughing so hard as I type this, because…..why God!!!!!!!! See, I can say why God, cause it was a Christian marriage conference we were attending.  I told her we would come home, and of course in true big sister form she told me to stay and have the weekend…after all it was already too late. I let her know our weekend was done for since I could hardly move, but truly I didn’t even know if I could make the drive home I was so sick. 

Well…we didn’t leave our hotel room until the next evening around 9 pm,  decided to go out for supper and then call it a night.  Exhausted! We left asap Sunday morning to get home to relieve my poor sister who was now starting her own flu journey.  Stomach flu: 4,5,6,7….(how many people live with Carla?), Kaplans: 0, Andersons: 0  Needless to say, we choose non flu months to get away now. 

After Eli started his flu journey last week I was talking to Carla via text.  I asked her if she could watch the kids and Boss Baby this weekend so we could get away out of town.  She said, “oh sure!”       Carla….Eli has the stomach flu….I was kidding.  


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