The Struggle of What to Wear?

The struggle is real some days!!! Do you ever peer into your closet just wondering what you’ll wear?

Southwest Minnesota still has snow on the ground but it’s gradually warming up and the snow is melting. Mother Nature is confused and trying to figure out if it should be spring or winter. As I am leering into y closet… Do I dress spring or winter? That with my clothing expectations sometimes makes it hard to pick out my perfect outfit for the day.

I’m very modest with my clothing and feel that things should be covered. Maybe it’s because I’m in my forties, have four grown children, and I’m a grandma. Actually, it’s how I was raised. I never saw my father in shorts. He was an old-fashioned Swede and German. Once he told me, “boys don’t wear shorts”. Its just how he was raised. All that modesty started to grow in me as well.

When I shop I look for clothes that keep me looking young, hip, and modest. What granny doesn’t want to look stylish and fresh? I love very girly clothes with ruffles and lots of feminine touches. However, there is this boho side to me so I mix both of those styles together. I’ve learned over time just to do me and feel confident in that.

I chose a cute springy dress with a warm Free People Cardigan and knee high Bedstu’s. Fits all the checks in my head “springy”, yet warm, girly, comfortable, and flattering for my figure!

The dress is a sweet little dress from Livintage in downtown Montevideo, Mn. Livintage to me is vintage, boho, original, and unique. I love stores or boutiques that are original and that I can get lost in for hours. This store carries everything from unique chocolates, soaps, decor, furniture, and clothing. Usually the items in the store are made from other small business owners. I think it’s important to support small businesses. If you’re ever in the area or an online shopper please check out Livintage. Use the code ROXANNA for a 10-15% discount.


I paired that sweet little dress with an ultra comfortable Cardigan from Free People. It has that boho flavor that I love. The boots are from Bedstu and I love the worn out leather. Again my Fashion flavor: girly, boho, and vintage looking. I scored the cardigan and boots at Coco Avenue in downtown Marshall, Mn. Coco Ave is an ultra neat boutique. It has a farmhouse bohemian feel. The clothes have different price points as well as my flavor for style. Coco is like a marketplace of unique finds from swell bottles, essential oils, furniture, decor, and clothes. My theme for shopping is a one stop original Marketplace.


In the end, when it comes to fashion, just be you and confident.

Lots of ❤,



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