Color and Decor In A Bathroom

When you ask people, which is the most important room in their home? They are very unlikely to say their bathroom. In fact, for many it would come near the bottom of the list, if not dead last.

However, it is actually somewhere we spend a surprising amount of time. On average, we spend around three hours a week in this little room, which adds up to about six months of our life. That is despite the fact most of us try to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible.  It is the place where we start and end each of our day.

Despite this, a surprisingly high percentage of people still see the bathroom as a peaceful, tranquil place. A recent poll carried out by a leading UK bathroom company showed that for 43% of people this little room was the only place they really got some ‘alone’ time. Around 39% of people said they go to the bathroom if they need time to think.

So, then why do we neglect the bathroom?

First why don’t we look at what is new and “fresh” in the world of design – after all there is A LOT of fun new stuff out there that you might not know about, and there are often a lot of trends that although they might be “new” on the market can feel timeless when done the right way in your own home.

Today we are kicking it off with all things BATHROOM.

Here you see it in a bit more traditional style and not only does it free up floor space ↑ to really show off that plaid tile but it also visually makes the bathroom feel more open which is a good solution if your bathroom is laid out like this one where you open the door and walk into the side of the sink versus the front of the sink.  Below you have a calm palette with traditional fixtures.

As the saying goes, all things circle back around.  Over the last few years gold (and brass) fixtures have been slowly cropping up in bathrooms all over.  I wasn’t so sure of this latest trend at first but, I have to say that I am falling in love with it.  Definitely a GLAM feel.  In the photo below, I love how they kept the illusion of space by keeping the shower “open” using glass and showcasing the gold fixture. 

Remember a few years ago when we stopped hanging things and started leaning things on ledges. I rarely hang a picture anymore.  I have styled many pictures leaning them up on a ledge towards the wall vs. hanging on the wall (and the concept is seeping into the bathroom).  A great idea for displaying your prettier items.  These bathrooms give a Modern feel.  It does function but mostly, I just think this rail ↓ above the sink is a COOL idea and a great look!

This is one of my favorite looks.  I love the vintage vibe and the simplicity of the look.  To me this says City Farmhouse.   ↓ These French doors are amazing!

Bold patterns are making there way into these small spaces and done correctly, look amazing!  What I love about the bath below ↓ is that this is a budget remodel, the floor is hand painted.  It looks spectacular and it shows that creativity and hard work can save a dollar.

For a relaxing SPA feel, pick materials that are simple, bright and clean.  Then warm it up with natural finishes.

Marble baths ↑ do not have to feel cold if paired with dark colors or warm accents.  ↓ Terrazzo tiles or slabs are also growing in popularity.

Wallpaper.  I do have to say that I never thought I would be excited at the idea of wallpaper coming back into any style.  But today’s wallpaper is much easier to apply and also, more importantly, to REMOVE. With all that in mind, I am really warming up to this latest trend.

Bathrooms are fast becoming an important room in the home. Today’s designers are creating areas of water therapy where we can prepare for the pace of our daily living, and relax at the end of it in peaceful solitude. Giving our bathrooms a  little love and being less neglectful of them may just help us start and finish our day with a bit more of a Zen feeling (we all could use that!).   Imagine a luxurious bath in your Spa inspired bath at the end of a day?  Lovely.

Hopefully, some of these bathrooms will get you excited to decorate YOUR own oasis.

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