Cuddle and Kind

My granddaughter, Myah, was born this last December and I was trying to find a gift that has heirloom quality.  I came across these Cuddle and Kind hand knit dolls.

First of all, their cuteness caught my eye and each design comes in two different sizes 13 inches and 20 inches. There are 23 different dolls for both boys and girls. I purchased the 13 inch, Lucy the Lamb and Charlotte the Dog.

For example, here is Lucy the Lamb.

Or Noah the Dog


What I learned…. I learned that these dolls were created and thought of by a family (Woodgates) who wanted to help other families.

The Woodgates.

Aside from the adorable nature of these dolls they also help provide for families in need. These dolls are fair trade dolls, and are handcrafted by women in Peru, which helps provide for their families. Not only when you purchase a doll, you help provide for a family through fair trade, but each doll purchased also provides for 10 meals.

Furthermore every Cuddle and Kind doll is

Each doll purchased provides for 10 meals for families. So when your looking for an heirloom doll that gives back dont forget about Cuddle and Kind. 


Here are Myah’s Cuddle and Kind dolls. 


The label that each doll provides for 10 meals:


And here is my beautiful little Myah.


Lots of ❤,


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