Decorating with Depression Glass

I’m an absolute auction junkie! Actually, auction day is date day for my husband and I. We literally get excited with butterflies in our bellies. The anticipation for that unique find is almost unbearable. Mark loves to hunt for old coins, guns, and tools. I love glassware, pottery, furniture, and everything else…

One of my first stops is to look at the glassware especially if there is pink Depression glass. Depression glass is historic, girly, dainty, fragile, intricate, and beautiful. I think it reminds me of my mom. She loved all things romantic and Victorian. I’m not really a Victorian gal but I do love beautiful things and I love remembering my mom.

What inspired this post? Well, I’ve noticed glassware that resembles Depression glass at Target, and I also noticed popular Instagrammers and bloggers post about the beauty and the vintage vibe of these Target pieces.

Depression Glass was mass produced during the Great Depression. Color of depression glass is mainly pink, green, cobalt blue, however there are many other colors. My favorite color is pink. The pieces were made to look delicate and beautiful. During the Depression pieces could be purchased at the local store at a very cheap price, but many times it was added into another purchase to promote a sale. For example, Quaker Oats would hand out a piece of Depression glass with a purchase of oats. Think if it today as a toy in a kids meal. Movie theatres would hand out Depression glass if you bought a movie ticket, and gas stations would hand out a piece if you purchased their gas.

When I’m auction hunting with my grey haired friends and see them loving on a piece of Depression glass I wonder where their mind goes and I think of what it must of been like to live through the years of the Great Depression. I’m sure to receive a piece of glassware in a box of oats had to have been a treasure. Especially the beautiful color of Depression glass. I’m sure it brought them to a place of excitement, luck, and thankfulness.

I think most people think they can only style vintage glass like their grandma, but literally that’s not the case.  Many people, like blogger ‘A Beautiful Mess’ display their amazing collections of beautiful Depression Glassware.  As well as Amy Meier, from Amy Meier Design who added pink vintage depression glass into her kitchen design.  Beautiful displays of Depression Glassware are very popular and offer a romantic touch at weddings.  Depression Glassware are beautiful and versatile pieces of art that add a touch of elegance and history to any display.

So, if you love the look of depression glass let your imagination run wild with ways to decorate with this gorgeous glass. You can find glass that resembles depression glass at Target. Otherwise, if you’re looking for vintage check out garage sales, thrift stores, auctions, and your mom or grandmas house. Many people walk right past these vintage gems without realizing the beauty and history of such pieces.

To be honest I’ve been putting my Depression Glass behind glass doors  like my Granny did. I need to display it in some fun way. I’m glad I did this post as it’s inspired me to push the envelope on my Depression Glass display. The other cool thing that I realized about this post is that I have many date day memories of my husband and I.

Lots of ❤, Roxanne


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