Design Trend: Black Window Trim

I am obsessed with black window trim!  I have imagined how much cooler my living room would look with just a little bit of a pop from black window trim.

But is it a trend that will see itself out the door (wink) or will it make the grade?

Five reasons black windows are on trend:

  1. Black windows eliminate the need for window treatments.
  2. Dark window frames create a modern look.
  3. Black window frames create high contrast.
  4. Black windows provide the perfect frame for your view.
  5. Black window frames are timeless.

Design experts agree that black is, well the new black!  While staying on top of the latest trends isn’t always easy, black window frames for exteriors and interiors is a surprisingly versatile option.

The first concern is that black windows tend to have a modern feel but if incorporated into the right elements, black windows can be stunning and add to the aesthetics.  Black can pair well with industrial, traditional and everyday domestic interiors.  “Black window frames are becoming more popular because they are what we call a ‘forgiving color,’ ” says architect Dominic Bagnato.  “You can apply them to a building and just about every other color used adjacent to them can be sympathetic.… They are like a classic black suit.  Everything looks great in black and you can style what goes with it accordingly.”

The key is finding your inspiration and then incorporating that into the existing interior in a classic fashion.  If you have existing white trim you can still have your bold black if you desire.  If done correctly, you can mix the two window trim colors and the overall look will be quite elegant.

“Painting your window trim black may feel a little out of your comfort zone at first”, says EmilyClark “but it’s an easy way to go bold with a color you might never dare to put on your walls.  Black trim works especially well with white or very light walls, creating a strong contrast for a modern look. For the ultimate contrast, opt for high gloss black on the trim and a more subtle finish on the walls”.

I’m won over!  I love this look!  It will definitely be something I incorporate when we make our updates to our home.  From steel casement windows to painted wooden frames, I hope these spaces might inspire you to take the leap and give it a shot as well.

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