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I have mentioned that my parents were SUPER handy people!  We did everything “homemade or handcrafted”, rarely was anything purchased if it could be made or refurbished!  As we grew up we often helped our parents with whatever project was going on around the house, especially our mom.  Because of that, we are pretty handy ourselves!  (Thankfully!)

With some of my recent mini-updates around the house, I added some shelving.  Some functional and some just as decor.  Here are some pics of the super easy shelving I put together, on the cheap!

The above shelf is just two-4 foot-2×4 pieces of lumber that I put side by side. The shelf brackets were 7 inches wide, and to find the right width of board was challenging without a whole lot of cutting wood lengthwise, which I didn’t want to do. So by putting these shelves together, I had the exact width I wanted! I stained them with ebony stain and honestly, I didn’t even seal them. The shelf brackets I got t Hobby Lobby for half off (duh, I never get anything full price there!). Total cost: less than $8

This is just my small powder room on the main floor and it has very limited space/storage. I decided to put up a shelf from end to end in this bathroom above the sink. Again, just a simple (CHEAP $2.40 piece of wood from Home Depot) board that I cut to size and attached to the wall. This I also stained ebony. To hang the shelf I got simple L brackets from Home Depot and attached at the studs. Cost for everything under $6.


The above two pics are from the same piece of wood that I cut in two. I seriously found this piece of wood in my garage. It was shoved into a corner where we store extra wood, poles, etc. It is weathered and immediately I thought that I needed to do something with it. I am sure it probably got into our garage via my brother Lon. He works road construction and I imagine that one of the many times I called him home to help me move something it was probably in the back of his truck and got left behind. So anyway, PERFECT shelf! In fact, my other brother Randy came (before I hung all the other shelves) and said, “how much did you pay for this wood? I have wood like that laying around the farm…..”🤔 (hmm, will be paying a visit to the farm)

Again, shelving brackets from Hobby Lobby half off. Total cost: less than $8

Okay, my FAVORITE! Love this feature wall above my bed! First, I have to adore on the horse pic I got at Hobby Lobby that is from shuttertreephotos (Christine is also on Etsy)!  You can also follow her on Instagram.   I LOVE all of her landscape, animal and nature pics!  I am planning on purchasing some more horse pics and a barn pic for another area in my home that I want to update!  But back to the shelf, this is a 2×6 (I vacillated between the 2×6 and 2×8 but decided on the first) that I cut into two different lengths and staggered above my bed. The brackets, yep, Hobby Lobby. And yes, I literally just secured the shelf brackets to the wall where ever my studs happened to be.  Total cost: less than $15.


And then my corner shelf! Again I love this! This corner of my bedroom has been my nemesis for ALL time! It is meant for a media corner, or a desk corner but my I have an office on my main floor and I don’t like a TV in my room. SO….at first I was going to hang two shelves just on one of the walls but THEN, I was like what if I……

And yep, it came to me, a corner shelf. SO again to Home Depot, 1 long 2×4 that I cut in half and 45 degreed (I’m pretty sure I made up that word) the corner. I hung it with again, brackets from Hobby Lobby and whalla, 😍 love at first sight! Also, an ebony stain and then I found that cute little hook at Home Depot (by the L-brackets and mailbox stuff) and thought it would be cute to add in the corner, like it was holding the two pieces together!

Total cost: less than $20 (that cute hook was like $6 BUT HAD TO HAVE IT!)

As I said, with all of the shelves I simply found the studs using a stud finder and then secured the brackets to the studs.  I personally don’t care that my brackets are all placed evenly along the shelf.  In fact, I think it adds a bit of charm when they are placed a bit haphazardly.  Of course, you can get anchors and then secure your shelves that way as well.

There you have it!  Fun and functional shelving with little damage to your checkbook!

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