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Hump-day message: SHAKE IT OFF

You crawl in bed after a long day, looking forward to a good’s night sleep but then, BAM….the brain kicks into overdrive. 
Ah, the things that keep us up at night (and why is that)?  Why is night time THE TIME that the brain turns on and REFUSES to shut off, and you relive every darn thing you have ever done right, wrong or imagined?  Generally, it is because it is the ONLY time of day that is quiet and the thoughts that we push out during the day creep in.

We live in a culture of constant stimulation which leads to incessant thoughts.  The key to getting rid of those pesky thoughts is well, the thoughts themselves (sounds so meta, right?).  Nothing is more important for our overall health than a good nights sleep.  In order to sleep more soundly, practice these Dos and Don’t before going to bed.

Some things to DO…..

….think about what you’re grateful for.

..…envision a successful tomorrow.

….occupy your mind with something relaxing (music, yoga, meditation, a calming book (maybe not a murder mystery ;-).


….think about your email or work.

….ruminate over the day, week, month, year, decade.

….obsess over uncompleted tasks or impossible situations.

This ⇑ illustration is from Mari Andrew‘s and you can find her work in a few different places: her website, some blogs (A Cup of Jo) will showcase her illustrations, and you will also find her on instagram and facebook.  Her illustrations have a wonderful way of speaking to people on an understandable, realistic level.  She delivers a message in a way, that will both make you think,……and make you smile.

Mari Andrew does such a great job depicting “life” in all of it’s eccentricities. This one is for everyone who lays awake overthinking.  Turn it off.

Because she will make you smile, something we need more of….

Here’s a link for her book Am I there yet?


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