Dreaming About Horses

My husband and I have a dream to own a horse ranch. We love the beauty of mountains and trees. The thought of being in the middle of that, on a little ranch with horses, spurs (no pun intended) a sense of peace.  We’re from SW Minnesota and we’ve thought about packing up and moving easterly toward the Black Hills in SD, Wyoming, or Montana. We’ve actually viewed some properties in the Black Hills and found one that looks like the  South Fork Ranch on  the show Dallas.  In case you never had the chance to watch the TV show Dallas here is a picture of South Fork.

We have four grown children and six grandchildren and they keep us anchored here. Wait, if I’m thinking correctly all of Miss Ellie’s kids and grandkids all lived at South Fork. That’s a thought, I could bring my family.

Maybe someday my husband and I will live on our ranch, but until that time I’ve decided to bring the horse ranch to us. Not only that, but I LOVE horse prints. I found these horse prints below from Pottery Barn and had to have them. I think white horses are so  majestic.

Horse pictures fit into so many decor styles.

Below is an example of a City Farmhouse feel.  This is another print that I’ve been eyeing for sometime, it is Winston from Copper Corners, you can find him at Copper Corners or  Painted Fox Home.

I also love how Natalie from My Vintage Porch displays these two prints by Shutter Tree Photos.


Horse prints can be incorporated into any type of design. It doesn’t just have to be farmhouse or a ranch style home. Here are some examples below.

Glam Decor by Setting of four.

Modern Decor by Marion Rose and Lushome 

And by The Fox and She

Horses fit into any decor theme. So if you love them as I do, incorporate them.

White Horse Wall Art Canvas

As always with decorating, just be YOU.  Display what you love and make your home feel like the home you love.

Lots of ❤, Roxanne

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