We all KNOW that exercising is GOOD for us but then WHY is it so HARD to do?  The benefits are plenty:

  1. It strengthens the heart
  2. It helps keep arteries and veins clear.
  3. It strengthens the lungs.
  4. It reduces blood sugar levels.
  5. It controls weight.
  6. It strengthens bones.
  7. It helps prevent cancer.
  8. It regulates blood pressure.
  9. It improves energy levels.
  10. It enhances emotional well-being.

But MOSTLY we just FEEL better AFTER we do exercise!

And yet for many of us, we simply do not make a regular habit of exercising!  I am as guilty as the next person, I know I should and yet….I procrastinate almost always.  And yet there are so many ways to exercise that do NOT require going to the gym.  It can be a walk through a meadow or along a beach (if your lucky enough to live by one!).  How about a bike ride through a scenic path or jump in a kayak if you are located near water!  It simply takes opening the door and stepping outside and just enjoying the outdoors as we simply….GET A MOVE ON!

My goal for this year is to do exactly that…..make it a habit to MOVE!


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