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One of the things that I love most about design and decorating, is that I can change up my scheme by tweaking a few items.  I also love to find pieces that are quality and will stand the test of time.  I love pieces that have a simple quality to them.  I have always had a passion for design.  I love many design styles and I definitely like to combine styles for an eclectic feel.  Each time I open a magazine (I have an embarrassing collection of decorating magazines), I find something else that I love.

And right now, I am loving Farmhouse Pottery.  First, I love their story.  They were college sweethearts who had a shared passion for “creating” (specifically pottery), together.  They started out humbly with a single-wheel and kiln studio in their Vermont basement with their Windrow Berry Bowl.  Today, they have a growing company that offers a wide range of home goods.  Their style is timeless and elegant.  They make simple pieces with attention to detail and unmatched quality.  Their style is noteworthy and each piece has simple lines and warm neutral colors that never go out of style. The Windrow Berry Bowl.  The piece that started it all.

While pottery is at their heart of the business, it has expanded to include a full lifestyle brand.  There is pottery, wood items, clothing, glassware, and so much more.

In 2014, they expanded and opened their own storefront in Woodstock, VT.  They also sell their pieces in retail stores throughout the country.  In addition, they also offer pottery workshops where visitors can go and meet the potters who are creating pieces on the potter’s wheel.  They have 10 full-time artists working to produce the pottery, as well as a team of behind the scenes employees, all working to pay attention to every detail.  Also, through the pottery workshops, customers can make their own pieces (while working closely with a potter).  The overall style is “contemporary minimalism through timeless pieces”, says Zoe.  Zoe notes that “owning the storefront has helped them see a side of the business they wouldn’t have witnessed…which gives them a very personal experience with the customers”.

Even with all of the growth and the expansion of their other lines of goods beyond the pottery, the overall feel is still “old-world, with simple tools and strong beliefs in process and authenticity”.  

I hope you love the items in FARMHOUSE POTTERY and the sweet story about James and Zoe Zilian.  What a great gift idea for newlyweds, a Christmas gift or a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ or ‘new home’ gift!


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