February, Anderson Style

February in Minnesota is usually a swift kick in the pants…we get snow, rain, sleet, thunder, sunshine and confused birds…basically we are the epicenter for weather phenom. Well, my February can just trip over itself already. We have had so many days off school I feel like we are in summer break, but the weather is too cold to send them out to help burn off some of their energy….and so we did the only sane thing parents can do. We lifted the time limits on the tablets- only to lift our parental spirits really. I mean this Instagram addiction needs adequate time dedication, ema right?

Our eldest daughter basically de-gloved (ripped her skin off for you non medical peeps) one of her toes on Superbowl Sunday thanks to a tragic hoverboard accident. An ER nurse bringing in a bad toe injury from a hoverboard. You can just imagine the looks and the lectures I got from the staff about safety and wearing shoes with said death traps. Yes, yes, I know (inner eye roll). After lots of lidocaine, stitches and a tetanus booster we were on our way….4 hours of fun later. Thanks February! 2 days of school off due to zero ability to bear weight without excruciating pain, leading to me hunting down crutches and some foot protection while she accepted her fate of returning to school. I almost had to sell my kidney on the black market to find crutches for kids, no joke.

One day of bliss with both kids in school, the husband and I enjoyed breakfast, naps, and plans of buying a new dryer the next day. Cause you guessed it – I do not have a working dryer after many attempts of trying to revive the old gal we have thrown in the dryer towel (is that a pun? I am so punny!). You would think window shopping for a dryer would be fun – but it’s not (at least for this minimalist, I am actually trying to figure out how to go without one…blow dryers set up?). Our precious day together ended with my husband getting called into work overnight – insert sad face here. Dryer shopping was going to have to wait for a lot of days thanks to our wonky nurse life schedules.

Bedtime was easy and all was quiet and well until the phone buzzed at 6 am, school was cancelled due to predicted weather. WHAT? Come on, pretty sure we walked to school in blizzards, up hill both ways, and skated over scary moving rivers of ice on the reg when I was a kid. But whatever, bonus sleep in for this mom…until the little arms starting to shake me awake, and little boy was reminding me it was “acutally morning”…and he peed through his pajamas. You guys remember I don’t have a dryer, right. Ok, I can do this, forced awake quickly by pee pants we stumbled to get changed and bedding downstairs to the washroom. Now, for some quiet cartoon time and snuggles with mom…not a bad trade off for the early morning school hustle. I nod off briefly only to hear what sounds like running water, huh? What is going on? Er me gawd – aim for the blanket buddy, aim for the blanket. February you can just go take a flying leap. Remember peeps, I don’t have a dryer. I am just triple washing 7 loads of blankets, sheets and towels over here on this beautiful snow stormy day. Just waiting for the flu to hit us all, without a dryer.

Whatever stupid snow day , I’m singing (curse words) while sanitizing all the surfaces, floors, and all the things in the bathroom…. I go to replenish the toilet paper. We are out. Hmmmmmm, that’s special…”mommy is making margaritas and no you can’t have any of my special pink juice”.

February sucks forever, and don’t even speak of Valentines¬†Day coming and all the fun and romantic love that will be shared. I will allow Carla to explain why Valentines Day sucks too. Squinty mad emoji inserted here……towards her.





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