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Find Your Happy=Wellness!

We hear the word thrown around everywhere, lifestyle.  It is the new IT phrase and it seems to be the proverbial embodiment of “being alive” in 2018.  But what exactly does “lifestyle” mean?

According to the “Collins English Dictionary” defines “lifestyle” as a set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a particular person or group. Your lifestyle can be healthy or unhealthy based on your food choices, activity level and behavior.

In a 2009 issue of the “Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance,” Dr. Jeffrey Cherubini states that happiness refers to three paths or pursuits: the pleasant life, the engaged life and the meaningful life. When blended together, psychologists believe that happiness can be achieved. This newfound happiness can change your attitude and inspire you to make better decisions regarding your health and behavior >> essentially achieving your overall WELLNESS!

Essentially what it means is that although we do not have the power to control all of our life experiences, we do have the power to choose HOW we react to what is going on in our lives.  That in itself is empowering!

Lifestyle happiness is really how we look at well, LIVING!

We choose our path by how we perceive what is going on in our lives.

That is liberating.

For those of us that need an attitude reset, it won’t be easy.  Lifestyle change is often a long and arduous journey.  It takes constant growth in all areas of our life to achieve a truly happy lifestyle.  Maybe it starts with exercise, which leads to greater self confidence, which leads to motivation to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe it is learning to eat in moderation and choosing foods that over time will benefit our bodies best.  Maybe it is making changes in personal relationships to help us achieve greater harmony.  Begin the pursuit to achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle by making a small healthy step each day.

At the start of each day think of the things that you are grateful for and end each day the same.  Make your life more pleasant through positive reflection and if you can, even meditate.

Happiness is the truly the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Find your happy=WELLNESS!

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