Friday, November 16th

It’s me (Roxy) again, my sister Carla told me that I had to write the Friday piece this week. It’s now 3:00pm, and she said that I had an hour left, so here it goes!

Kinda feel bad for Carla, as she still has to keep on us like a mother hen. Sorry Carla❤️

This weekend will be quiet for me as my husband is off to pool (billiards). Which leaves me to watching movies. Thus far, I’ve watched, “The Meg“, which had me scream, and jump a couple times.

There are also some fabulous series that I’m in the middle of on Prime Video that I would highly recommend: The Marvelous Miss Maisle if you want to laugh, The Man in the High Castle if you want mystery and intrigue, and Poldark if you like watching a tall, dark, and handsome man, and plenty of romance.

Of course for the interior designers don’t forget to run out and get Joanna Gaines new book: Homebody Honestly, I don’t have this book yet, but I intend to get it! Both Dawn and Carla have it, and have given rave reviews of it! I have a feeling that it will help me with some of my decorating projects.

Then if you can, there is always time to make fun of your siblings, even if you are 44. This is my sister, Allyson, cooking up an amazing dish! Hope you don’t mind, that I shared this Ally? 🤔😬🤓

My sister, Carla, wrote a piece about our mom today. I found it ironic to read, as I’ve been planning my recreations in my head. She spoke about how our mom would recreate something she fell in love with, instead of spending big money on a piece. This would have been any number of things from clothing, curtains, silk flowers, furniture, well just about anything. Once she took the bow off of the back of my wedding dress to recreate it.

I struggle over decorating just for seasons or holidays. I even find it hard to plant plants, and flowers, during the spring and summer months. I live in Minnesota, everything that’s not hearty dies in the fall. I mean, a hearty bush, evergreen, or tree, will surpass all the seasons, and to me, that is a GREAT investment 💰. When it comes to the interior, I’m all about great hearty pieces as well, and making the home look gorgeous… however, Grandmas house has to match the Holidays and seasons! It must be cozy! I have decided to decorate for ALL of them!

I decided that I wasn’t going to spend much on purchasing things that I could make. For example, I spied these glittery Christmas trees from QVC, and other shopping sites.

I decided, I could make like trees on a far less budget. My first thought, was to purchase styrofoam cones from Walmart and then add embellishments, but then I thought, I bet there is cheaper ways to duplicate these trees. I stumbled across this picture below, which led me to a blog with many awesome ideas.

Look at these Christmas trees made out of wallpaper! Wow! Cute! Well, I think they’re made from wallpaper, could be from scrapbooking paper too. I remember, when my mom would keep old wallpaper sampling books, which were expired from local decorating centers. She would take the paper from them, and create different things like cornucopia’s.

Below is an example of a cornucopia that my mom would make, this one is from a shop on Etsy. My mom made red cornucopia’s for my wedding, and I’m sure she made them out of wallpaper. She placed flowers in each, and hung them from the ends of the church pews. This example is very Victorian, but it could be made differently, depending on the style of ones home. These cornucopia’s would also make great May Day baskets. When we were kids we would fill treats in little bags, and hand them out to the neighbors. This would be a great project for kids to work on.

Check out the Budget Decorator for neat tabletop Christmas trees for this holiday season. Shortly, I’m headed out to Walmart to grab some items to make my own Christmas trees. I can’t wait to share them with you.

I will admit that I feel a little overwhelmed, as I’m not much of a holiday decorator, therefore, I feel like I have to start from scratch, and I have a fairly big house to fill. My rule to beat the feeling of being overwhelmed is to start small, and grow out from there. If one doesn’t start it will never be done. Therefore, I have gathered up some inspiration, and I intend to start in my den and move out.

My den has a faux fireplace, so I decided to see what some inspiring Instagrammers did with their faux fireplace. After all, I’ve heard before, “the best copy cat wins”. Well, I learned that in Network Marketing, and I’m good with using the rule for decorating.

I will copy @fauxfarmfixers idea of candlestick candles, and small green Christmas trees.

Love @thecozyfarmhouse idea of buffalo check and plaids for stocking and pillows. I will also stagger different pictures or mirrors.

From Hobby Lobby I will copy the gold tabletop trees and green garland.

So this is my weekend, movies, decorating, and picking on my siblings!

Seriously, find some decorating inspiration and try and challenge yourself to duplicate it! You can! Just try.

Have a fabulous weekend,


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