I have asked my husband to buy pork chops on his way home from work the last two weeks. Finally, he made a trip to the store after work. I gave him my grocery list which included pork chops. I wanted to glaze them with a yummy recipe I found on Pinterest.

It was nearing 4:30 PM, so I decided to make the glaze for these pork chops. It was supposed to be 1/4 cup of honey, 2 tsp of soy sauce, and 2 tsp of lemon juice with some crushed garlic. I jazz up the glaze, but in Shirley (my mom) style (always different than the recipe). Instead, I added half a cup of honey; 4 tsp of soy sauce; had no lemon juice, so I skipped that step; about 1/2 cup of brown sugar; dab of ketchup; and finally a dab of Cookies Original BBQ sauce. Note: I really don’t measure anything, and this is also Shirley style. Many of my memories of my mother are me watching her cook, and once I came of age and lived on my own, I would call her for recipes. I never EVER received any specific measurements from her, so I learned to eye ball and go off of taste, perception of flavors, and presentation.

↵  The original recipe from the Happy Home Fairy, on Pinterest.


Finally, the husband got home. The baked potatoes were cooking, and glaze was ready to go. Groceries put away, and finally pork chop time. “Mark, where are the pork chops”. He replies, “I think I forgot them”. My emotions: 😳🤦‍♀️😠. Did I say anything, nope. Some days, we have to pick our battles, and it’s just pork chops for goodness sake. I decided to go for the chicken. Instead of glazed pork chops, we had glazed chicken.

My daughter Emily says, “Mom, have you ever ate at Dickey’s”? Dickey’s is a BBQ restaurant. I told her I didn’t, and she told me that the glaze reminded her of Dickey’s. My husband told me, “You know, I get tired of chicken, but that was really good”. I’m thinking to myself, “Well if your tired of chicken, you should have brought home the other white meat”! My grandson Bentley, spit it out and said it was gross. Lol! I would say, that the glaze was a grand slam for the most part. However, I can’t wait to glaze some pork chops in the very near future.

I reflect on the strangest things, and of course, I reflected on my Monday night meal. My thoughts were: it’s good to try something new, do things that remind you of your mom, and pick your battles.

Anyway, check out Happy Home Fairy’s page and her recipe. The link is above.

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