Grandma, I love you more than the trees!

Bentley, my grandson will say, “Grandma, I love you”. It will be in the quiet times when we’re snuggling or watching a cartoon. He says it with such emotion. My heart literally melts because I know how much he means it. I always say, Bentley, I love you!

Sometimes, this starts the, “I love you war”. Bentley will say, “I love you more than all the trees”. I’ll say, “Well, I love you up to the sun”. We go back and forth. Sometimes a tummy tickle will end it or a great big laugh.

The other day we were in our, “I love you war”, and Bentley says, “I love you more than GOD”. His momma and I looked at each other with eyes as big as saucers. We both were stunned and neither of us knew exactly what to say. I realized though, that he does love God, and at the innocent age of 5 he knows God is a BIG deal. That made me smile! I told Bentley that he needs to love God more than me. He didn’t really understand why, so I have left the conversation alone because I don’t want to discourage him or his love of God.

I have contemplated over and over again how I can teach Bentley why we must love God first. How will he understand idols? He’s so young, and doesn’t understand everything yet. I started to think about idols and how we put so many things before God.  How many times have I spoke to God today? Honestly, I didn’t. I thought about him, but I didn’t speak to him or talk to him. I placed so many things before him.  I obsessed over doing a great job for a work class, a DIY project, what I was going to eat, wear, and etc. Honestly, this made me so sad.

I stumbled upon a Facebook Post by, Dana Benson, who is an avid lover of Christ here in my small town. 

Wow, this devotion is so amazing! It’s so cozy and comfortable. I can be real with God. He already knows me. You too!

God keeps sending me to his place of LOVE lately. Sending me to this place to tell me how much he loves me and us. How he wants a relationship with us. I recently wrote a blog post about, “Love Expands”.

I realized again (I already knew this)  that I just need to talk to God everyday. Come to him and be transparent with him. Talk with him and have a relationship with him at all times. By doing this Bentley will see how much we should love God first.

It’s crazy how my grandchildren teach me about God. I’m supposed to be their teacher but often times they’re my teachers. I know in the end it’s God pushing me and tapping on my shoulder. Tapping on my grandchildren(s) shoulders as well. I need lots of help!! You would think he would just give up on me, but he never does. He never will, because his love is deep and unfailing. If we just listen to him he has so much he wants us to know and feel.

How can we remember to place him first on a daily basis? I decided to use my 5 second rule.  Recently I wrote a blog post on the five second rule. I have a history of procrastinating, and I seem to like to run late. I’ve implemented the 5 Second Rule into my routine to make me get out of bed every morning. When my alarm clock goes off I don’t stall. I count backwards and jump out of bed. Wow, it’s been working. I’m not late anymore and I’m getting things done. My habits are changing. I decided to implement one more step after, so before jumping out of bed tomorrow I’ll start my first conversation of the day with God, and then blast out of bed.

Bentley, I love you to the moon and back and I’m so grateful that you teach me about God VERY frequently. God, I love you so much!

Lots of ❤, Roxanne

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