Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy work week and Friday snuck up on me once again.  Bruce was supposed to have chemo today but instead he wasn’t feeling well and we found out he has another round of pneumonia.  That took up most of our day and instead of sitting beside him and working on this blog post while he would’ve been getting chemo, we instead ran around getting tests done, meeting with docs and getting antibiotics.  Hence, the Happy Friday post coming out at 1030pm.

It’s chilly here today, mid 20’s….winter is trying to overtake fall this year and I fear it is winning!  It seems that we barely had a fall at all.  We don’t have exciting plans this weekend, other than to stay in and keep warm.  Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great weekend!

Winding down the week or winding up for the weekend?  Either way Happy Friday! Here are some tidbits from around the globe.

Intuitive eating, what’s that mean?

Flat shoe emoji.

This made me giggle!

It’s here...and my sister Dawn says it’s to die for!  I am getting one tomorrow!


Four fun things!

Currently I get a new “fix” every 3 months!  It’s so fun to see how others view my body type and style…and it helps to break me out of my style shell!

I read the first trilogy….and I am loving this book so far and look forward to seeing the movie!

Clothes and Bible.

Cute puppy faces.


A question:

Do you decorate for Christmas right after Halloween or Thanksgiving?  The battle is real….with a few hardcore fall loving Thanksgiving decorating folks, BUT with the majority of folks jumping right into the Christmas spirit!  What about you?

Speaking of decorating……I’m GAGA over these signs!

And Natalie from Vintage Porch is such an inspiration.


Love these two….

Have a wonderful weekend!


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