Happy Friday! (a little late)

Winding down the week or winding up for the weekend?  Either way Happy Friday!  Here are some tidbits from around the globe.

Relaxing with oceanscapes.

The new “bear” hug, gorilla style!

Loving this blouse, perfect with a comfy pair jeans!

Emoji lottery winner takes home 180M dollars and can’t quit winking….

A father’s pain…and wise words.

The year for Royal Weddings!

Follow your own path. Often we don’t even realize who we are meant to be because we are so busy living out someone else’s idea.  But other people and their opinions hold no power in defining our destiny.  Wise words from this ultra successful lady…..

What it mean’s to be a human being.

Miserable vs Strong.  

Milk Glass love!

8 doodles to get you through the day!

Have a brilliant weekend!


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