Happy Friday, again!

Carla usually does the Friday post on the Blog, but today, I got the task. Sorry, it will be a bit different..

Okay, here we go..

One of my favorite weekend things to do is to auction hunt! Sometimes it may seem like a daunting adventure, but it’s NOT! The best site to find auctions in SW Minnesota is Midwest Auctions. My favorite auction site is Croatt Auction, in Storden, Mn. The site is actually an old school converted into an auction site. Where ever you’re from just google auction sites in the area you live, if you’re not from the SW Minnesota area. I believe Midwest auctions also shares some auction houses in South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Old Dazey Churn


Once you have selected your auction site, make plans to actually go. Make it a day day by yourself, your significant other, or a good friend! My husband and I ❤️ to do this, and in doing so, he finds the things he loves, and I find the things I love. My husband loves to collect old coins, guns, and tools. I love Depression Glass, collectible ceramics, frames, and lamps. We usually purchase furniture though, which my husband and I will refinish together. Kind of like a date after the date!

Vintage dishes


Make sure you go early, and set your claim to your favorite items. You don’t really get to claim them, but you’ll get a good idea of the things you’ll desire to fight for. Before the auction starts you’ll want to get a number, for this you will need your drivers license. When the auctioneer presents the item, and it’s one you want, you’ll need to raise your number in the air. The number is attached to your name, so you’ll get the things that you want.

Vintage scale


Honestly, I could share for hours on all my previous auction scores… but we all don’t have time for that!

When your done auctioning you’ll pay for the items attached to your number. It’s honestly, a simple process, and down right fun! The funnest part is trying to beat the other person for the win! That is, if you’re a competitive person!


Another thing I enjoy doing on the weekend is visiting occasional sales. Occasional Sales are little shops that are open once a month. This weekend Whimsy & Weathered out of Mankato is having their sale! I’ve scored some beautiful pieces from this store!

This is my very hearty coffee table that I found at Whimsy & Weathered! Very functional, two drawers on the front, and two slides outside on each side. My grandchildren like to hide toys in the sides.

I love this beautiful cabinet, with the Target buffalo check wallpaper that flanks the back of it.


Here are some other items that are available this weekend. Trust me this store is filled with the most beautiful things EVER! Check out their page on Facebook. Whimsy & Weathered out of Mankato, Mn.


Another unique shop you must see this weekend is Coco Avenue, in downtown Marshall, Mn.  This funky one of a kind store is usually open all year, however, every so often Coco showcases new ideas from Birch and Fir. Birch and Fir is exclusive to Coco Avenue! Not only is their decor something special to see, but so is Coco’s clothes, jewelry, and everything else! It’s like a one stop shop, that you never want to leave!


If your not into auctioning or shopping take a hike and enjoy the weather. Plan a picnic with your family! As a child, I loved a good picnic with my family! Find a movie! I heard Crazy Rich Asians is spectacular! Even better, find a drive in!

Have a great weekend, Carla will be back next Friday, for the normal weekend scoop!

P.S. make sure you let Carla know this was a great blog post… 🤓😉

Lots of ❤️,


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