Happy Friday! Like totally….TGIF!!!

Winding down the week or winding up for the weekend?  Either way Happy Friday! Here are some tidbits from around the globe.

It’s MEA weekend for us here in Rochester, so the kids (aka Bella and Nolan, also AKA the giggle twins-not really twins, they are cousins BUT seriously, they get each other like only twins do!) are in full “staying up late, playing video games, and laughing non-stop” mode here at our house!  These two, talk about two halves of a whole!  They just super-duper LOVE one another!

Anyway, it’s going to be a (not so) quiet weekend around here.  Nothing big planned and that’s okay!

Here’s some fun and interesting things!

Heroes don’t always wear capes.

Should marijuana be legal and if so, what driving laws should be in place?

Life through the eyes of a genius.

Tomorrow I will be brave.

I see you.

We need more thank-you notes!

Silobration is HERE!  Love these guys!

Seriously?!  This is what is wrong with the world….

OMG…I am just so excited about this!  #obsessionofmine 😉

I am a firm believer in the fact that we are slowly, and maybe not so slowly harming our earth.  Hopefully we can right this wrong.  I won’tr choose sides and argue this age old debate but I will encourage that we do all we can to protect it!  Recycle.  Use energy efficient bulbs and appliances when possible.  Solar panels and wind energy are so essential.  Electric cars.  etc.

This movie looks very good!





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