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Oh man, pure excitement around here today for my nephew Nolan!  He must’ve told me three times yesterday that “tomorrow is Halloween!” before he even got on the bus for school.  This morning, it is all he could talk about…..  For kids, this has to be in the top three for holidays….I mean is it really a holiday?  I guess we have made it one here in America!  Christmas is always number one but I would guess that Halloween and Easter fight for that number 2 and 3 spot each year, depending of course on the celebrations for each.

In recent years, I have really slipped at “celebrating” Halloween.  I used to go “all out” and have some fun with it, especially when my boys were younger.  Then as they grew, the fun surrounding it sort of dwindled as well.  However, with Chad and his kids, Madi and Nolan living here, it is a bit more fun.  It was always added excitement when Ally would be here with Bell and Eli…the whole gang of them would go out trick or treating!  The older kids always outlasting the younger kids, and when they were done, it was always counting their candy and the trading around the coffee table between cousins would begin!  I couldn’t help but giggle as I read an article from A Cup of Jo, on a guide to trading candy at Halloween!  The trading guide brought back memories from when I was a kid, and I couldn’t help but think of the kids here each year around the coffee table, almost as if, yes, they were in a high stakes poker game…via candy!

Their costumes are always fun each year and usually, there is some thought that goes into each costume.

Madi is going to be Alvin and her two friends, Simon and Theodore.  She did something similar with them last year, I am always amazed that they can come up with a trio costume idea each year!

Nolan is going to be a video game Ninja guy….yep, that’s about as accurate as I can get on that one.

Bell is a dead pilgrim…I mean this girl is Gothic every year, and so creative!

Eli is a Samurai….fitting for this VERY active young dude!

I had some fun decorating this year also!  I wanted to make it a bit more fun this year!  As I said, in recent years I have been a bit lame…and this year is an improvement but I have some growth yet!  The best year ever was several years ago, I mean pre-Ally married long ago.  She was living with us and we went all out decorating for Halloween one year.  We have a front porch and we made it pretty Goth, with scary music playing…the whole nine yards!  We also rigged up tying a string to the porch chair, and our plan was that as soon as the kids would step up onto the porch, we would pull it (Ally would from her secret hiding spot!).  So, come Halloween night, we were ready….it’s dark, we have one porch light on but turned out the rest…..scary music….skeletons….shaking goblins and ghouls a plenty…..

The first group of kids start for our door….(evil laugh….bahhuahhaua as we are ready with our plan)….and right as the first kid steps on the porch, we turn up the loud music and Ally pulled the chair (via her hiding spot)…..and the KIDS RAN AWAY SCREAMING…all of them.  I mean THEY WOULDN’T STOP RUNNING….we both came out and tried to stop them, telling them it was just a prank…but no good, they just kept running and screaming! Oh man, we felt so bad…and yet, we laughed.  Is that wrong?  Needless to say, we toned it down after that….the moving chair in the dark with goblins and ghouls aplenty, and scary music may have been too much?!  Also, I think word got out, because the treaters tended to veer away from our house for the rest of that night…..

Ahh, that was probably our best “scary” year.

My brother Chad sent me this video…and said we needed to step it up this year!   I mean gulp, goosebumps and….yikes!  We didn’t even come close to competing with this one….I would pee my pants….would you dare go to this door?

My house this year for Halloween…..although after the above video, I realize that it is quite juvenile and not very scary 🙁  Gonna get a little more creative NEXT YEAR!

If you’re like us, you may be doing some last minute pumpkin carving….here are some ideas!

And it wouldn’t be complete without my Superhero carving ideas…..

My vote for cutest costume…..this cannot even be more adorable.  I love the “Tail” part….just trying to keep up…and stay up!

My vote for scariest costume…..I have a whole new appreciation for “clowns” since seeing IT back in the day..and then the 2017 reboot?  Uh, yeah….I didn’t see it.  Thanks but I like my sleep….

Some scary reads for the season…..and some movie ideas for Halloween night:

Okay, so Jason is back….I mean…..JASON is BACK……I’m 48 and this movie still scares the hell out of me from like decades ago….now a remake?  Like I feel as though maybe I shouldn’t say his name…kind of like you don’t say Voldemort out loud.  Seriously.  Last night I was thinking about writing this blog post and of course, I knew I was going to add something in about him and the first thing that popped into my head was when he came out of the lake and grabbed the girl in the boat!  (hair standing up on my arm) and then….I was like…maybe I should check under my bed….

This guy was….everywhere, no hiding spot was safe!

I just played this trailer and I’m not kidding….I look over at Zorra and she’s standing at attention, staring at the computer….even the music was creeping her out!

And not a Halloween movie….but it has witches in it, and flying Monkeys….and it also scared the bejeezers out of me as a kid!   But still, it’s a classic!

Well, this year I have to work the late shift tonight…so I am going to tell Chad to facetime me later so that I can see the kids dressed up!  And have Ally send me a video of Bell and Eli as this is really the first year they will not make the rounds around here 🙁

Whether it’s a family affair or just your kiddos dressed up for the fun, enjoy the spooky night!

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