Happy October 12th!

I’m a nurse so normally I don’t have a normal TGIF. I normally don’t even look forward to the weekend, as I almost like routine of the week better. Not that my routine is much like the “normal” person.

I knew this week and weekend was going to be challenging. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked from 11pm-7am as a night nurse. I don’t do the night shift the best! I need sleep, so I make sure I get my rest before work. That means if I have to pop some Benadryl, I will. Side note: don’t take any medications unless your doctor has okay’d them. I hate nothing more than not feeling refreshed at work as a nurse. I feel it’s my responsibility to be fresh, precise, and on my A-game. Monday was a hard shift as I went to work nauseated, and barely made it through work. Not because I was sick, but because my body was adjusting. During those three days I found myself as a Medical Nurse, OB Nurse, Post-Partum, and a nursery nurse. Monday night I was even in back of an ambulance bringing a patient to a higher level of care. That’s rural medicine my friends…

Thursday, was my grandsons Birthday, so we made his favorite meal: tacos! I promised that I would lay by him that night until he fell asleep. He loves that! So from 8pm-1am I snuggled with him, and gave him my time. I promised a friend I would work for her for four hours of the night shift, so at 1:30 AM going into Friday morning, I woke up and got ready for work. I ached leaving my grandson behind..

Which leads me to TGIF…. I’m literally exhausted, but I have four kids, 6 grandchildren, a grand pup, and a husband. At this point my house is non-existent, and it needs some TLC.  I promised to pick up my granddaughters by 3pm, so their mom and dad could go to a concert. Alyssa and Jesse rarely ask me to help, so without a second thought that’s what I needed to do. My other daughter Jordan texted and needed help with Myah, so her and Cameron could be on the same shift for work tonight. Without a second thought, I said I could. Jordan and Cameron rarely ask me for help either. As I’m writing this, me and my three granddaughters are snuggled into a room. Brynlee and Olivia are snuggled in the bed, and Myah is in her rocker… I’m not sure what the night will bring,  but if it brings a sleepless night, so be it. We had a PJ party, and I hope they always remember these special times. Their momma told me that Brynlee was telling her little sister, Olivia, all about snuggling with grandma and grandpa. The grandkids have always loved jumping in bed with Mark and I. We have a king size bed full of big blankets and pillows, however, tonight we’re sleeping in the basement. Writing this reminds me of my Grandma Elsie. I didn’t snuggle in bed with her, but I remember the scent of the old quilts, and the comfort the beds provided. I felt so cared and loved, and I hope that’s how my grandchildren feel. I had a little Susie plate at my grandmothers house that was devoted to just me. I felt like a queen! Well,  I wanted the plate to be called, Little Cindy Plate, like the little girl on the Brady Bunch, but I gave into grandma, and it was my Susie plate. Just writing this makes me want to find old vintage plates and name one for each grandchild… just as grandma did for me.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Jordan will be here early for her Myah, probably without any sleep for herself. Alyssa and Jesse will come not long after for their girls.

They will go, and my house will get the attention it desperately needs. I have so many projects on my list: paint all my bathrooms, kitchen, and a wall in the living room. Those projects will have to wait until next week. Bentley’s birthday party is on Sunday and I offered to have it at my house, so Saturday will be a cleaning day.

Sunday is repeat family picture day,  as the first time we attempted, it started to rain. So Sunday will be bustling with cooking and prepping for Bentley’s party, getting everyone ready for pictures, and finally the Birthday Party.

So I think my TGIF will start on Monday! Honestly, my mind is aching to be creative. I can’t wait to get a jug of paint, a paint brush, and dream pretty things up in my head. I can’t wait to be alone, and think of absolutely nothing in between. I’m a total introvert, so all this people stimulation this week has got me wanting to hibernate so badly…

I’m totally not the girl to write a TGIF, because I honestly just find so much pleasure being at home, with family, decorating, or literally doing nothing.

So if you’re an introvert like me, I wouldn’t suggest watching a fabulous show on Amazon Prime called, “The Collection”. I’m telling you it’s addicting! If you’re a decorator, or want to be decorator pick a room in your house and make it look splendid. So many people say they don’t know where to start, because they have to do so much in their home. However, the key is just to start. Pick one room at a time. Find inspiration for your room on instagram or Pinterest. Eventually it will all come together!


Lots of ❤️, Roxanne

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