Happy Saturday (instead of Friday this week)

This has been a BUSY week at work!  Whew!

I neglected to get my Friday post out….so here it is!

Winding down the week or winding up for the weekend?  Either way Happy Friday—I mean Saturday!  Here are some tidbits from around the globe.

What would Sex and the City look like today?

So, exactly WHY do we need sleep?

Gmorning, Gnight.

What Netflix taught me about life.

This would’ve been handy on our New York trip as we were walking around in the rain, trying to find our apartment!

How to wear denim.

My sisters and I do this well!

For ALL my “sisters”, those that I was born to and those that I have chosen!

Catchy Instagram phrases!

The “new” fashion trend that I LOVE!

These iconic movies and how they could’ve been different, and better or worse?

Clearly I am obsessed with this family, all of them since the time that their “mum” first came on the scene back in the 80’s.  What a regal family, and still somehow “real”.





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