Have A Blessed Memorial Day Weekend

For many, Memorial Day weekend is conflicting.  It is really a weekend to remember those we have lost but we have also Americanized it (the way we do here) and have made it a weekend of fun and relaxation.  For some, the idea that we are celebrating a weekend that was made to remember and eulogize those we have lost can damper the fun.  However, we think that the larger idea is that we do remember what this weekend was intended for.  We do mourn those we have lost, especially our soldiers but we can also celebrate the life and freedom their sacrifices have allotted us.

Memorial Day is about family and relationships, those current and past.  It is okay to have a heavy heart while we celebrate with friends, while we remember our lost.  After all, that is in part, what our soldiers fought for; our families and our friends and the freedoms we enjoy.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, by simply “remembering to remember” those we have loved and lost, those that are currently across seas now defending our freedoms still, you will have given our soldiers the respect that they deserve.

As always, it’s nice to have a 3 day weekend and though many people have plans, there are some that choose to just “wing-it” for the weekend.  It’s especially nice to share your long weekend with family and friends!

Here are some ideas to fill your weekend.

Again, Memorial Day weekend is about remembering those we have lost.  This weekend is about our fallen soldiers but it is also about remembering all those we have loved and lost.  Paying respects to our lost soldiers and family is always at the top of our list on this holiday weekend.

Send a care package to our soldiers over seas.  Some of our soldiers don’t always have family and so to send a care package to a random soldier is a great idea and a good way for our children to learn this respect for our soldiers.  

Check for a Memorial Day parade in your area.

Lake fun with family is always a hit.

No lake around you?  Cool off at a pool in your area.

An impromptu picnic at poolside or in a local park is always fun no matter the age.

A back yard barbecue is always a hit for family and friends!

Camping is a family favorite on this memorable weekend.

Visit a Memorial Museum.

Rafting, Canoeing, Kayaking or tubing is also a fun family time.

Head to a baseball game!

Maybe you’re just homebound for the weekend and have some yardwork planned?  If that’s your plan, take the time to add in a little fun, even it’s heading down to the local ice cream shop or a walk in the park.  

This weekend is a warm one here for us in southern Minnesota, in the 90’s.  If it’s warm where you are, drink fluids and stay shaded (or lounge in the water).

We are all staying close to home this weekend and working on projects.  However, we all remember our soldiers that have died for us, those that fight for us now and those loved ones we have lost. 

We will also all fit in a bit of fun and relaxation with our families!

Whatever you choose to do this Memorial weekend, please travel safe and mostly, take care and from our families to yours, have a blessed weekend!

~The Sister’s


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