A dash of HUMOR

I was that kid!

I was the kid that did EVERYTHING I wasn’t supposed to do, out of curiosity…. honestly, my poor parents! They should have named me Curious George, or Little Miss Clumsy!

Once, my father brought home a brand new TV. We didn’t have much money, so to have a new TV, or even cable, was living high on life. I think it was even a special TV. The TV was encased in wood, with the television in the middle. The whole family gawked and was so proud of that TV… well, for a short time at least. I was playing with magnets one day, and my dad told me not to place the magnets by the new TV, because it would wreck something inside. Why did he have to tell me that? Of course, curiosity was killing me. I had to see this for myself, so I took those magnets over to the TV when nobody was looking. Well, dad was right, it wrecked something in the TV, and we no longer had TV. Sorry! 😮 I don’t think we had that TV for 24 hours.. 😬


There was another fine day when dad was bringing us kids all to the farm. We were parked on the street, along side the curb. Dad ran into our home to grab something. I decided that I would put my driving skills to the test. On our street we had a boulevard, meaning a patch of grass in between the two streets. There were trees and a fire hydrant on the boulevard. I decided that I could drive. With my siblings all in tow, and me being about the age of 5, I decided to shift the car in reverse. My siblings, Carla and Lonny, tried to talk me out of it, but it was to late! I was so very sure I could drive, as I had been paying attention to my dad. I slid it into reverse, and we collided with a fire hydrant! The fire hydrant broke loose and water was spouting up like a geyser! ROXANNA MAE, what did you do???? I was always called ROXANNA MAE, when I was in trouble. Yes, the police came, and it was a public display. Sorry! 🤦‍♀️ My oldest sister, Carla, still calls me Roxanna Mae… mostly when she’s trying to drill something into my head…

There was the day my father brought home this gorgeous plaid green, yellow, orange, gold plush couch! It was another moment of pure bliss. Yes, us poor people got something new! Score!! It was new and cozy! Well, good old brother Lonny and I, got into a squabble, and as he was pulling at my legs I was holding onto this plush part to the back of the couch. All the sudden Lonny gained advantage, and I ripped the brand new couch. Like, we maybe had it for four hours. Lonny yells, “Dad, Roxy ripped the couch”. Dad storms up the stairs and spanked me! My heart tore into pieces, as our father didn’t spank. I was literally devastated! I ran into my Strawberry Shortcake room, and vowed to never speak to him again. I was planning on running away, or locking myself up in my room without food just to cause him pain. LOL, oh so dramatic!  It didn’t take long, and my soft hearted father came and apologized for spanking my hind end. He felt 10 million times worse than I.


Like, I’m still suffering for all the years of bad luck, from breaking many of my mothers beautiful mirrors. Once my mom got a new mirror, and as the guys were hauling it in…. I broke it.

I could go on forever, as I’m sure my siblings could as well. Parents, I’m so sorry for the stress I caused you!

To my children, sorry for the genetics I may have passed on to your children…

Lots of ❤️,



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