If I had a superpower it would be….

This past weekend I got together with my high school girlfriends (we do this every year).  We talk about everything, and we definitely have some interesting conversations.  We bounce around from one line of thought to another faster than the Road Runner.  But we were talking about interviews (because my son recently graduated from college and he’s knee deep in interviewing) and we were talking about some of the random questions these interviewers can come up with.

My friend Jackie said she was once asked in an interview, “if you had a superpower, what would it be?”.  She said she was so thrown off by the question that she had to sit back and think a minute.  I know why they ask these type of seemingly random questions in an interview, it is to see if you can be creative on the spot (and also to see what you would choose, it does make a difference (villain or hero).

So, my mind got to wandering and I started to think about how to answer that question myself?  What would my superpower would be? 

God like powers where I would save the world like Wonder Woman?

I just saw Avenger’s and so I thought of Scarlet Witch also.  To harness the power to manipulate chaos with magic is pretty intense and could come in handy at times.

I always thought Storm from X-men was pretty amazing with her ability to save the world by manipulating the weather.

But back to the conversation…..I then asked Jackie what she said, and her answer was to be able to clone herself.  I would never have thought of that as a superpower and for a minute I wasn’t overly impressed with the answer.  But then I started to think about it and I thought about all of the things I could get accomplished in a day if I was able to clone myself.  The possibilities were quite endless.  But was it a cool superpower?  Maybe not at face value but then if you ever watched Resident Evil, Alice is pretty badass!  She is cloned and seriously could do some damage, so she’s pretty cool!  Cloning would be a pretty great superpower (I would use mine to clean my house, get groceries, yard work……..so probably not quite as cool as Alice ↓ ).

So why are we obsessed with superheroes in this country?  For starters we are immersed with superhero movies.  In 2017 Marvel Studios‘ had their biggest year in their entire 10 year history, and the sixth year in a row the studio has topped $1.4 billion or more at the global box office.  In part thanks to Wonder Woman, 2017 was the biggest box office year for DC Movies in history!  We love our superheroes!  It is no surprise that “what type of superhero we would choose to be” has even made it into the interviewing process.

So what would my superpower be?  It would have to be Teleportation.  I am always late (even for my own wedding, seriously).

So I guess I would be Blink from X-men.

What would your superpower be?


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