In the Song of Ice and Fire, they were all of them deceived….

As always….if you haven’t watched S8E3 then bow out now.

If you saw the Battle of Winterfell you may (like me) be feeling a bit….lost.

‘The Long Night’ and the EPIC ‘Battle of Winterfell’, though good wasn’t entirely EPIC. It did indeed wrap up one of Game of Thrones’ main story-lines to its (underwhelming) conclusion. The battle with the dead is over, the Night King and his minions defeated, and the forces of the living are victorious. And it happened in the least inventive, most predictable, and disheartening way imaginable.

Mostly, I was trying to simply keep up. I felt lost (like John-T) as we watched the Battle of Winterfell, we were both like WTF is going on? I feel like we were both looking around for JonBoy who was…..mostly hanging out riding around on Rhaegel….while Winterfell was being disseminated with complete chaos and death below him.

Let’s start at the end. The Night King is DEAD. I think that if I keep saying it, it will sink in. 7.5 seasons of the evil bad guy and his undead minions from the north are…….DEAD. I’m sorry, but in case you missed it (it did happen fast)….tNK is dead…..SEVEN SEASONS of this really super bad guy and “poof” he was just ‘gone’, in what seemed a blink of an eye, with a ninja-like move via Arya the assassin.

Somehow, as rewarding as it should have felt, it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, Arya making a badass move taking out (apparently NOT the ultimate) villain is OK.

But she did it before she let him EXPLAIN to US just WHO THE HELL HE IS? I get it, the Night King’s vocal cords have frozen silent, but could there be just a little teleporting through time via Bran and the NK to give us a little more back story?

You had but ONE job D&D (to answer the above question!)!

If you are even a remote GoT geek, you can find any of what seems a million different scenarios on the internet of just who tNK might be, and how he and tTER seem to be “ancient enemies”. ANY of those scenarios give way more depth than what we saw delivered Sunday night, which was essentially that tNK is just a bad guy, and now he’s dead. For all the hype of how different GoT would be from tLotR, it is much the same except instead of an evil fiery eyeball, we have an evil Ice God (even the evil fiery eyeball talked).

In my understanding, and per GRRM the Game of Thrones was never supposed to be about the battle for the throne, in it’s end it is supposed to be about the characters coming together to realize what is most important-huMANity.

It could be POSSIBLE that we will still find out more. Possibly Bran, who is not Bran….per Bran may fill us in with some visions, may there be a possible HIDDEN agenda of not-really-Brans that we have yet to learn??

I mean just WTH did Bran go when he left Theon to his certain death (needed a tissue box for that one)? RIP Theon, like seriously you were bad-ass!

I don’t know, if I were Bran, I would’ve been like “hey Theon, hide behind the tree for a few minutes, this is almost over…”. I know, that wouldn’t make for the gut-wrenching scene where Theon essentially threw himself at tNK for…..really…no……reason, BUT….)

It would also stand that we (the confused audience) are (possibly) meant to make some assumptions or inferences if we get no other OBVIOUS closure. First, it would seem that tNK was most likely the first Last Hero, as we have seen him with his 12 generals repeatedly throughout the series. Remember the first Last Hero went in search of tCotF with his 12 companions, a dog and a horse, losing them all along the way. Since first meeting tNK we have seen that he always has 12 generals at his command….

And considering tNK died at Winterfell, can we assume that IF the man we saw (below) was in truth Brandon the Builder Stark, the first last hero and founder of House Stark, who got obsidian shoved into his chest (against his will)….

…eventually making him tNK, did he indeed come home to die…..once again and perhaps FINALLY, “winter falling” at Winterfell? (Uh humm….unless there may be another scenario….Bran Flakes?)

We dug deep for a connection between tNK and Bran. You could really get behind some theories and possibly that is why I am so let down. Like many GoT fans I may have been a little too immersed in the endless theories. But wasn’t that part of the fun? Trying to guess just why tNK and tTER didn’t like each other? Who was the true good guy? and who the bad guy? In the end, I guess they were just two guys who didn’t really matter at all?

“Just look at me Bran…..look what you did.” Well, technically I didn’t do anything……uh, never-mind”.

At the end of aSoIaF which pertains to tTER and tNK characters, perhaps we will be left with nothing more than the “good guy, bad guy” ideal. tNK, the series’ ultimate threat died with little more than the stroke of a dagger. It was incredibly frustrating but more than that, it lacked depth.
Why did tNK matter other than to give Arya a cool hero moment? Why did Bran even become the TER, so he could do absolutely nothing? Why did Theon die pointlessly?

TBH, nearly every fan theory I’ve ever read was way more interesting than what actually happened.

I understand, BECAUSE of tNK, Jon did in fact unite Westeros (what’s left of it) anyway…but is that all there is?

For many, the idea that Jon never got close enough to swing his sword in tNK’s general direction…….was weird and a little underwhelming. Granted, as great a swordsman as he is, he would never be able to outmaneuver tNK. It would’ve meant certain death for Jon…probably, most-likely but still just a mini duel with an alternate way that Jon could still live would’ve been a bit more gratifying.

“If I can just sneak up on him before……..”
“He thinks I can’t hear him…..such an amateur….”
Damn it! “Dude, you don’t play fair. You can’t every time raise up more dead guys to fight me….. My dad always said the person who passes the sentence……”, oh shit that’s right, not my dad, “nevermind, it’s complicated.”

Inevitably, instead of a great sword-fight, it ended with Jon and tNK having their THIRD stare down, with tNK’s second raising of the dead all around Jon. (Ok, I am NOT going to lie. I really thought Jon was in BIG trouble here.) But KUDOS to Dany, who did save him (even though by letting him die, her threat to the throne would’ve been easily eliminated).

Instead, what we witnessed was Jon on the periphery, mostly. I felt like I was watching one of those dreams, you know the ones where you are trying so hard to. get. somewhere. but. you….. just……can’t………get………..there……….. no matter how hard you try.

“UGH! Damn you Viserion, let me by! You are an ASS just like your namesake was!”

In jon’s defense, he did duel tNK out of the sky…and I am hoping poor Rhaegel has survived that confrontation.

and lest we forget GHOST. Please come back boy, I just really don’t think they would’ve wrote you out of the show with literally NO. FAN. FAIR at all? D&D say it isn’t so?

I still feel that we see this in some way…..just not that throne and maybe a bit more north……(we aren’t asking for much D&D…just a man and his dog).

I knew we had to lose some minor-major characters and all of them went out heroes or heroins: Jorah saving the love of his life, his forever queen Dany….RIP loyal Jorah; little but fierce Lyanna Mormont (taking out a GIANT no less); Jon BFF#2 Edd after saving Sam; and Beric (now you FINALLY know your purpose Ser Beric=saving Arya, the Assassin that was Promised).

TEAR JERKER! especially when Drogon wrapped Dany and Jorah in his wing😢

Now, with just three episodes left, we are once again left to Cersei scheming for the throne, and Dany claiming that it is her’s by right (nvmd that Jon told her he was the rightful heir). Ugh. Just ugh! The short-sighted characters that are ever power hungry have once again turned out to be right, their selfishness justified and their idea of power restored. As we see the GAME is back on, and everyone is right back to their squabbles. They won the “great war”, but lost the thematic statement that their should be “that there is more to man and man’s purpose”.

It feels like a show that has been a decade in the making is steam-rolling so fast to it’s end that there will be no answers, and at it’s end, it will be just a longer version of the Lord of the Rings. That’s not a crescendo, it’s a flop.

Regardless, there now seems to be even more unanswered questions. But we need to move on….

Our surviving heroes and heroines are now onto the next round…..which will now be ‘THE ultimate GAME (life or death) for the THRONE’….Tormund, Grey Worm, Missendai, Sam and Fam, Sansa, Tyrion, Arya, Jon, Dany, Jamie, Brienne, the Hound, Davos……and Drogon (Ghost and Rhaegel?)

It seems that as much as we focused on tNK, possibly he was the distraction to the bigger threat, which is HUMANS?? We just witnessed humans at the their best (BoW)?

What new alliances will be reborn of old friendships?

And exactly which loyalties will be tested…and found true?

Can we anticipate watching humans at their worst as the war now once again continues (rather surprisingly and abruptly I might add…..in case you missed it, tNK is dead?!) for the Iron Throne.

Who will live and who will die?

A Time for Wolves

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