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There are truly so many (design) bloggers today.  It is hard to choose favorites, but many times, I have many favorites and of course, it is dependent on what I am interested in at the time.

Today, I am loving The Inspired Room‘s (Melissa Michaels) cottage style makeover.  Melissa’s home was featured in The Cottage Journal, Spring issue.  I love everything about it.  Her style is simplistic with a touch of flare and elegance, and plenty of comfortable, welcoming pieces.  She has a great mix of modern and vintage.

I also mentioned in a previous post that blue is fast becoming my new favorite color to decorate with.  I am getting bolder, as I step out of my “all things gray” comfort zone.

I think you will agree that Melissa’s home is impeccably pulled together and is so welcoming.  Join me on a tour of her cottage inspired home.

Let’s start with her front entrance.It’s very simple and the crisp white Dutch-door sets the tone for the whole house.  The entry is very simple and accommodates for just a small bench and some coat hooks.  The Dutch-door adds just the right amount of cottage charm.  The hallways beckons you toward the rest of the home.

Her living room.  Again, very simple with white walls and then she brings the color in with her accessories.  The house features a dreamy, cozy atmosphere that is so welcoming.  The color palette is cool, and there is plenty of natural light to warm up the tones.  She also uses painted and natural wood accent pieces to give her rooms the right amount of an eclectic feel.  

The master bedroom.  Again, this room feels as though it was put together over time.  The walls are lighter and there is just the right mix of materials.  As you will notice the bedside tables do not match, but they blend so well together.  The bed is beautiful with a vintage appeal.  The mix of patterns gives the room a fun flare.  The blue color scheme keeps it in the same color palette as the rest of the home.

The home office is perfect.  It is a mix of vintage furniture pieces and the overall feel is simple, and welcoming.  It has a playful touch with some of the brighter colors in the vintage cabinet and the use of the world globes as art is ideal. 

The basement family room is probably my second favorite room of her home (my first favorite is coming!).  I love the use of color in this room.  The rug is subtle but gives a ton of pattern and color to the room.  I love the mix of navy and teal blue.  Look at the detail right down to the mix of book binders on the shelf, keeping within her color scheme.  Lovely.  Again, she manages to give the room a “pulled together over time” feel by mixing fabrics, colors and materials.

I love this dining area.  I mean I absolutely LOVE this dining room!  Look at that beautiful beaded ceiling light.  I love that the table feels like any old farmhouse table, but when paired with the chairs and cushioned bench, it feels polished.  This feels like an area that you could relax in long after you have finished with dinner.  Again, a perfect mix of fabrics, color and materials for a pulled together over time feel.

This kitchen is my favorite room though of this house.  I love so many things about this home and it was hard to choose, but this kitchen doesn’t even feel like a kitchen.  Look at that amazing circular window over the sink!  The apron front sink and the bronze-gold faucet and fixtures.  The shiplap walls (even Joanna Gaines would be jealous) and the open feel (for a smaller space).  I love that there are no cabinets above the sink, giving room to the space.

And again, the Dutch-door (now in navy blue) at the back entrance (how perfect!).  

And her back yard entertaining area is quaint and so welcoming.

Why I love it?

Today, it seems that we showcase these huge and elaborately decorated homes.  I love this home because it isn’t a big flashy home, instead it feels like a home anyone can own and decorate.  I think that a home like this is less intimidating and it gives the “average” person something they can dream about when envisioning their own home.

I also love this featured home because the pieces that she has are vintage.   Many people have vintage items and are just unsure how to mix them and showcase them along with modern updates.

I also hope that you are just as inspired by Melissa’s home as I am.

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