KAT House

KAT house has been a dream we have talked about for a long time. Essentially, it would encompass communal living….with family. An idea that isn’t “the norm” here in the States, or in our mid-western culture. If you look to some cultures; Spanish, Asian or Indian, this is just what they do.

I always did say that my mom was a “Heinz-57” of cultures, she had a list she rattled off (unlike my father who was half-German, half-Swede), so maybe in my mother we have some “communal living” genes, or rather maybe it was “going to the farm” with dad, and running the woods while my grandmother tried to keep an array of “cousins” safe, fed and in-line.

Somewhere, we learned that “family and living”, were in a sense “one”.

Throughout mine and Bruce’s married career, we have at times struggled with this mixing of family, and figuring out what is “normal”, the secular family lifestyle that we learn growing up, or the communal lifestyle that just seems to draw us (ME) all in.

Throughout the years, we have had my siblings “stay-live” with us at various points in their life, I loved it all. I love it to this day.

I would like nothing more than to build a “village” and we all live within it and take care of one another. That is how it used to be, in a time long ago left behind.

Our dreams for KAT house have always been large, yet possible. In truth, I anticipated it never happening. But not unlike the post I recently did, “never say never”.

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

But first, why the name KAT house? KAPLAN, ANDERSON, TIMMERMAN is how it started. My sister Ally and I always dreaming of this type of living. Chad and Bruce also in on the idea….Matt (Ally’s husband), not so sure….in truth, we (as a family) are a lot to take in! But in the event of a zombie apocalypse, you would find no better allies! It may just end up being AT house, but I still refer to it lovingly as KAT…our initial dream.

Recently we stumbled on some acreage (8 acres), with a home that is definitely in need of some updates. But it is quaint. And still close to town, though it feels like we are in a secluded area, away from the business of the world.

Our ultimate dream will be to build a “self-sustaining” home (GREEN-solar panels, radiated heat, REUSE and recycle on the land). That will come in time. For now, I will work some “decor magic” on the existing home, and we will “airbnb” it (most likely) until we are ready for the ultimate plan.

We are all beyond excited! The idea of “working the land” and bringing it back to it’s former beauty, is a breathtaking thought. The kids are excited for the endless possibilities that 8 acres bring them (endless exploring…and a ZIP LINE if Nolan gets his way!).

Or a cool bedroom with its own bathroom and a hang-out area fit for a “teen” for Madi!

I’ve always dreamed of a little “shack” to work a business out of, and this property has the cutest little shed just adjacent to the house….the possibilities are endless!

I look forward to sharing the updates as we trudge forward (happily) with this new project.

My inspiration for a house design is anything “modern barn”. I am LoViNG that look!! Something like this…..


We are NeVER too old to dream and PLaN! Never. The creativity in it is empowering, motivating and beautiful!

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