Love Expands

I remember when my daughter was pregnant with my first grandson. I had crazy love for him while he was in his mommy’s womb. On 10-11-12 Bentley Russell made me a grandma. Oh, I fell in love with that boy. Since that time I have been blessed with a step grandson, and four other grandchildren for a grand total of  SIX.

I often think about love when the next little grandchild is about to arrive. Once I remember thinking to myself, “Will I love this grandchild as much as my last”? However, I always fall in love with the new grandchild and my love grows and expands.

One day I was thinking about God’s love. How can he really love all of us? Seriously, it’s too unreal.  I realized his love grows and expands like mine. I started to understand the glimpse of Gods love. But then I realized that I couldn’t even concept his love. John 5:42 says, “But I know you, that you do not have the love of God in yourselves.” That verse tells me that I can’t even imagine his love. Can you imagine that? I love so much that it makes my heart hurt. Can you imagine how much he hurts for us? His love his so unimaginable and great!

My grandchildren have taught me so much about love and they also taught me about the love of God.

This I’m grateful for❤

Here are the loves that taught me about Gods expanding love.

Beckham 2 and Bentley 5, is my daughter Emily’s children. I adore Beckham’s smile and sensitivity. He’s a good boy who loves to help grandma clean. His hugs and kisses are endless. Bentley always looks for work. Trying to fix the house with his tool belt and tools. He told me he’s going to build me a kitchen with new floors after I give him some money to do the work. ❤ I love it when he says, “Grandma, I love you”, out of the blue. My heart literally swells with love.









Emmett 4, Olivia 2, and Brynlee 5, is my daughter Alyssa’s children. Emmett is sweet and always on the go to play. He’s always just happy go lucky.  Poor guy is always getting stuck playing whatever Brynlee (oldest sister) says they’re going to play. Olivia is curious and always has a sliver of exploration in her eye. She was climbing up on the kitchen countertop before the age of two. Her mom found a whole bag of flour on the ground once. She might be like her granny Roxy when I was little. Brynlee is super smart, organized, and ultra sensitive. She acts like the mom of the other two. Miss Brynlee reminds me of my sister Carla. She give the best, ‘I’ve been missing you hugs’.







Myah is 5 months old and belongs to my daughter Jordan. Oh, she’s a sweet little love. She reminds me of her mommy when she was a baby. She sleeps through the night and loves to smile. She is mild mannered and always content.









I better add my son’s fur babies. Drake is new and learning the ropes. Zeke is his older brother and has all things mastered such as rolling, playing dead, shaking hands, and speaking.

















Oh, how I love my tribe.

Lots of ❤, Roxanne

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