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The travel season is upon us and I don’t know about you but I love a great suitcase.  There was a day that this was never important to me, but I found that having the right suitcase can make the trip even more seamless.  Also, it’s fun to have a bag with a little personality.

I love quirky suitcases and somehow, it just makes me want to travel!

Carry-on luggage is definitely preferable, especially for a quick trip and a shorter stay.  There are so many great options today that make travel so much easier.  What’s even better is that styles now are so unique and personable to each traveler.

Larger suitcases are definitely a necessity for longer stays, and these larger options have also gotten very fashion friendly.

Whether your style is classic, chic, fun, quirky, feminine or practical, there’s a suitcase for you.  Here are some favorites!


This soft pink carry on suitcase is from Amway.  There are a multitude of other colors to choose from but I love this fun pink color.  This suitcase is not only pretty but it is a “smart” suitcase. It has a TSA approved locking system as well as a built in battery for charging your USB devices.  It is nearly indestructible and has 360′ turning wheels.  The suitcase is lightweight so you can pack it full but the bag itself does not weigh much.


A simple suitcase with a sweet palette of hues and soft floral pattern.  This also features a locking system as well 360′ turning wheels (styled as buttons, fun!).  Perfect for someone on the go, this suitcase makes a style statement while being a lightweight, smart bag.


Turning to a more classic, gentleman style, this tweed suitcase is durable and classic.  This purchase is a little more of an investment but this suitcase will stand the test of time (both is durability and style).  This purchase is a timeless and elegant piece to add to an travel enthusiast.


I love this bag because it does screams vintage, and it’s a classic design.  It is a great traditional piece that will stand the test of time.  It has also has a TSA approved locking system and 360′ turning wheels.  It also has a double decker compartment on the interior that means you will have plenty of storage for all your travel necessities.


Okay, so I choked when I saw HOW much this bag was but the shoe compartment got me.  I have really scaled down my travel clothing and shoe ensemble over the years but it never fails, a lady needs her shoes (for every outfit!).  This bag accommodates EIGHT pairs of shoes!  This is a serious trip suitcase with some serious storage.  If you want to make an INVESTMENT with your suitcase, here it is.  It does have a detailed leather print that will also stand the test of time (leopard is always classic).  I had to share this bag as I cannot find a similar design with this much (SHOE) storage.


Here a simple, classic but elegant design (and very affordable).  A French design that also comes with TSA approves locking system, 360′ turning wheels and wheel locking system.  Again, a vintage design that will make you an envy in any airport.


I mean WOW!  I LOVE this vintage inspired suitcase!  I love the color and the overall style!  So affordable and such a fashion statement.  I didn’t know suitcases could be so fun!  Again, TSA approved locking system, 360′ turning wheels and anti-compression stable.  Best of all, it has some serious storage!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE my superhero movies!  This is a great suitcase that is roomy, lightweight and easy to spot in baggage pickup.  This is great for any little Avenger you have along OR maybe for the big Avenger as well.


Again, a bigger investment but if your someone that has to travel and walking a distance is an issue, this is a great asset.  This thing has wheels, pedals and a cushioned seat.  As well as a USB charging port, easy lap-top access and Lithium charger to fully charge bag prior to travel.

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