Recently I asked a friend who is in her late 50’s if she would learn how to Macrame with me. We once took a class on how to make Scandinavia leather bracelets. I figured she would be a good pick to learn a new skill. However, she basically told me that it was ugly, and all of the macrame she has ever owned has all been thrown away….. so I decided to do a google search of Macrame in the 60’s-70’s, and it doesn’t appeal to me as much as modern day Macrame.

Okay, I think I remember some Macrame pieces that my mom owned. I remember a Macrame owl with wooden eyes and it doesn’t hold much excitement in my mind.  But, I’m telling you.  I love modern Macrame! I plan to learn Macrame even if I have to do it alone.

Until the day when I become a Macrame specialist.  I will admire and purchase some of the pieces I have found online.

Anyway, here are some lovely macrame pieces that you might admire.  I think they’re rather AMAZING❤

Cream Macrame Table Runner from OpalHouse at Target for $24.99

One of my favorite Macrame artists is The Dope Rope, and isn’t her HANDMADE work amazing!?? This piece runs about $245.00. However, there are many more pieces at different price points.

How about this Hanging Hammock from Walmart at a price point of $84.79? I think it’s adorable.

How adorable are these Macrame Placemat set of 4 from World Market?

Hazel and Candle Company from Etsy also makes great pieces.


Let’s check out some Instagram designs that incorporate macrame.






Literally, you can add macrame into your design elements in your home, and it doesn’t have to fit into Boho decor. Also, think about weddings, baby showers, jewelry, and dinner parties.

Oh, and if you decide you want to learn how to Macrame there are classes. Here are some places you can check out in Minnesota to learn how to DIY your Macrame.

Projects in Person

Weavers Guild of Minnesota

As always, share your inspiration with us! Post your pictures of your LOVED macrame art.

lots of ❤,


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