Madi’s Room Makeover-planning stage

It’s time to update Madi’s room!  She’s a mature 12 and trying to decide on a theme is a little overwhelming.  I want something that speaks to her age now and something that will take her though the next handful of years until she leaves for college.  She is at the age where she spends more time in her room and I want her to feel like it’s a safe zone to relax and unwind.

Sound impossible?  Lucky for me it is the trending style today and so finding the inspiration has been easy.  I’ve been pinning some ideas for her room.  Our inspiration rooms are definitely a soft and cozy yet, minimal and clean lined room.

We hope to emulate these rooms and then add our own little stamp of *Madi magic* on it as well!

We are ready to get started with the process but as you know, these things take a little planning and time.  I will be posting the before and after pictures, so check back soon for Madi’s Room Makeover!



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