Madi’s room reveal

It was a busy week but we have completed Madi’s room.

I know that Madi and I were both excited to tackle this update and with the help of her dad and brother we made short work of it!  I recently had a small surgery so a lot of the “heavy lifting and work” fell to Chad (her dad).  I was amazed at how quickly it all came together.  We went shopping (which is like torture with this girl) and Madi got to pick out everything that went in her room!

I was so excited for the finished product!  I love creating!  That is something that we all get from our mother, she had one of the most creative minds I know.

The question though, does Madi love it?  I believe that she does but I think that I am always a bit thunderstruck by the moodiness of a 12 year old girl.  My mother always said I was a “boy mom” and for good reason.  I’m constantly flabbergasted at how to interact with this preteen girl (Madi is my niece by the way).  At her best, she is mature and delightful and at her worst, moody and brooding (which is also sort of an Anderson thing).  I keep asking her if she loves it and her answer is a shrug of the shoulders and a “yeah” which is more like a “mm-yeah”.  She really hasn’t left her room since we have completed it (except to go to school) so I am going to take that as ‘2 thumb’s up’!

Here are the results!  I also am adding in a few before so you can get the affect of the after!

Her room did need an update, it was very “little girl” and a “hodge podge” of items.

She chose her paint color, a trendy shade of grey.  I was ecstatic because I love all shades of grey, what a versatile color choice!

Her closet is the biggest transformation.  It was just an ordinary closet with one shelf and a clothing bar.  We removed that and Chad installed a closet system (DIY=savings), go dad!  The storage in her closet now has quadrupled with the new closet system.

I painted an old desk (purchased from a boutique in town) and bench.  I wanted a little bit of old, antique mixed in.  We also repainted the shelf above her desk (perfect for her nail polish display), a find from Hobby Lobby (I love that place too much).  The sweet bedside lamps were a find at Target.  Yes, I also love Target!  Her “M” got a second life as well.

She got a bigger dresser (a girl of 12 needs a lot of storage). And most importantly, a big girl bed!  We found the bed ensemble at Target, we snagged a great deal!  It is a soft cream, fur comforter and shams with 2 throw pillows!  We also got the curtains at Target (my iron blew up, so ignore the wrinkles).

And then last, her boho tapestry!  We were going to wallpaper the wall her bed sat against but finding wallpaper we could agree on was another obstacle, so we went with the tapestry and then the fairy lights to accent it!

Overall, a success!

Happy updating!

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