Mini Bath Update

Yep, that’s me whenever I would walk into the upstairs bathroom, aka Madi and Darek’s bathroom!

It needed help!  However, I could only give it face lift help, as the real deconstruction and remodel needs to happen further down the road.  And with all things, I do it always on a budget!

We have posted that we can all be a bit handy around the house.  Something we get from our parents and definitely, it comes with being an Anderson.  We are always looking to update or beautify something, ON A DIME.  Even if someone gave me 100,000 and said GO HAVE FUN, I would still be figuring out how I could save money doing it! I can’t help it, I see anything “clearance” and I have to browse!  I even look over the “mistake paint” at Home Depot!   It’s just in our nature.

My parents were very creative and handy.  Take this old bench that my mom dreamed up, and my dad made (with his hands, I miss his hands, isn’t that crazy? I remember how he always had dirt and oil stains under nails, that were there from years of hard work!).  Sorry, I get distracted easily!  Back to the bench!  It was an old headboard and foot board from a full size bed.  Dad somehow constructed them together and made a bench.  This thing is like a B52!  It has survived countless moves, and various paint colors.  In it’s latest former life it was black with a chevron patterned seat cover.  Now, its in my room, creamy white with fur!  This little-big beauty feels very glamorous with her fur, and centered in her own bay window.

My home needs to be updated all around.  It is 20 years old almost (holy cow time does FLY!), and so everything is showing it’s age!  Our plan is to start with some of the bigger updates a year from now.  Our last BIG purchase were these “beauties” a couple of years ago, they are soon paid off and then the more fun stuff can begin!  Seriously though, these solar panels SAVE us A LOT of money each month!  And it’s our little way of trying to save our planet!

Solar Panels

Ironically, before I get serious about the inside of the house, I want to start outside!  We need to vamp up our landscaping, it has been neglected as of recently!  And the GARAGE!  The garage needs to be finished with insulation and sheet rock (and painted), add in a furnace, some cabinetry, put a new coating on the floor, and then new garage doors and new openers!  Right now, we have boring white ones!  Wouldn’t these ⇓⇓ look SO much cuter?  I have NO idea whose house this is, found it on Pinterest but I love the overall look and feel of it!  We have cedar railings on our front porch and deck, so these stained slightly darker would be gorgeous!And our garage SUCKS in the winter, like totally sucks, it’s cold and hard to keep organized!  The funniest part to the story is that Bruce was like, “why do we need to do anything to the garage?”.  I mean, isn’t that ANY man’s dream?  A kickass garage??  It is as though our roles are reversed, it is funny!

But with most things, he tends to not argue with me because generally, the wife wins!

So, garage and outside first.

Then we will move inside and the list is growing!  Kitchen and mudroom need a makeover desperately!  ALL of the bathrooms are pretty much a start from scratch, as when we built, we put builder grade products in, so they need some serious help (new vanities, tile work, flooring (SO many options there!), lights, accessories, etc).

We already have some amazing windows but they need either a little updating, or possibly to be replaced to something like the pic below….to black, drool!

We have wood floors throughout our main level, except the office which I also want to make hardwood.  Then I want to also put hard wood in the upstairs as well…..

As you can see the list endless, and I keep finding things to add to it!

Hopefully, Bruce doesn’t read this post!

And speaking of this post, I started it because I wanted to share my very tiny, mini update in the upstairs bathroom.  It was SCREAMING for a little attention!  Of course, EVERY TIME I do a project I always forget to take a BEFORE.  Every time.  So you will have to to take my word for it!

This room needs a total gut job, and it is on my list!  But for now I wanted to make it a bit more appealing until we can make that happen!  This room gets very humid because Madi and Darek take what seems like hour-long showers!  We have the air exchanger but it really can’t keep up.  When we remodel, we may have to look into a fan of sorts in there.  So back to the humidity, the old light had actually started to rust.  That had to be replaced, and yes I replaced it with a similar straight track light.  I know, boring!  However, we made a couple of mistakes with this bathroom when we first built.  Who am I kidding?  The whole bathroom was a mistake as it was pretty much an afterthought.  Anyway, we had them install a lower vanity because Darek and Dari were little when we moved in.  SO…that meant everything is lower, the mirror and the light!  I couldn’t put in a different light like say this AMAZING PIECE OF ART (and oh yeah, function) ⇓ (I am in LOVE with it!) because literally, it would hang so low that if your an average height person, you couldn’t see around it!  LOL!

Also, when I changed out the light, the wall took a hit because I had painted around the light SO many times that it left quite an indentation that couldn’t even be fixed with sanding.  And when I pulled the light off, no matter how hard I tried to make it not happen, parts of it came with the light!

Speaking of painting.  This is a funny story!  So, anyone that knows me knows that I have painted A LOT over the years!  I love paint as it is such an inexpensive way to transform ANY area instantly!  In my old house, I literally painted all the time.  It was a very small ranch style home and I could pain any room in a couple of hours!  Once I painted the kitchen (white) and then feather dusted it (dark green, like emerald)….DO YOU ALL REMEMBER FEATHER DUSTING?  I mean, who thought of that?  I look back on my my old pics and LAUGH at some of my youth and inexperience in decorating!  Well, it was a bit extreme and I wanted just a solid color again, so I painted it one night after Bruce and the boys had gone to bed (I used to be a night owl), so Bruce woke up to a ‘whatever’ color kitchen.  He simply said, “I see you were busy last night”.  He left for work, I hated that color too and so while he was at work, I painted it again!  By the time he came from work, it was now a different color.  He looked at the walls and said, “didn’t like the other color?”.  Me, “nope”, but what I didn’t tell him was that I also didn’t like THE current color either!  SO…..that night while Bruce and the boys were in bed asleep, I repainted the kitchen yet again!  The next morning Bruce got up, got ready for work, I was already in the kitchen when he came out to it.  As he bent over to put on his shoes, I saw him glance at the wall….and stare a minute.  “Is this a different color than what it was last night?”.  Me, “nope”.  He stared a minute longer, looked up at me, we held each others gaze and then he left for work.  Pretty sure he knew it was a different color…..

Also, during coat TWO of the above kitchen painting project, Darek came up to me and said totally dead pan and serious at the age of 8, because he was, “mom, if you don’t quit painting the rooms all the time, they will shrink and we won’t be able to fit in them anymore!”. 😉

Back to the bathroom ⇓ and the beat up wall.  I sanded it and then painted it but my eye went DIRECTLY to the massacred wall spots every time I looked at the vanity!  WHat to do?  I could get wood and ship lap it, but that is a lot of work for a temporary face lift.  So instead, I got a roll of peel and stick wallpaper (I am thinking about wallpapering everything in my house now, LOVE this new trend!) and wallpapered just above the sink to hide the wall.  SO EASY!!  I took the light back off by the way!  SO much easier to do it with a flat wall to work with!  I chose a wood look ‘vertical ship lap type style’ so that it would better hide the wall imperfections.  Then I painted up the mirror, a few new accessories and WAHLAH, done!  It will at least carry us through a year (or two, it’s further down on my list) or so until we can start to really remodel it!

So there you have it.  The funny thing is that like two days ago, I had NO intention of touching that room!  As I said, I get very easily distracted!  I had actually been working on my bedroom which DESPERATELY needed help as I literally had all the hand-me-downs after I updated every one else’s rooms in the house.  Those pics and that story are coming soon, as I am still waiting for my blinds from Blindsgalore that should be here Friday!  I can’t wait!

When I am on Pinterest and Instagram, I am always SO jealous of some of the homes that these very creative woman (and men) put together!  I realize that many have started making over there homes for years, and so I am realizing I need to have patience (that’s hard for me!).  The fun thing is that when we get started, you all can join me along the way!  I may even need a little advice!  But for now, whatever fun updates I do to keep me patient, I will share!

By the way, my sister Dawn has some AMAZING remodel pics (and a couple great stories:IKEA cabinets, so funny, not the cabinets but how they come assembled (NOT)!  She is actually the one that had me VERY inspired as of late!  I am confident her decorating posts will be coming very soon, right Dawn?

Speaking of inspiration, check out some great Instagram feeds from Vintage Porch, Our Forever Farmhouse, Jodi The Design Twins and How I Monochrome, among others for inspiration!  I believe I heard about Blindsgalore from Natalie on Vintage Porch and talk about easy ordering!  I am so excited to get my blinds this week!

Well, I need to get back at it!  I need to update my windows a bit and do some not so fun stuff (sand and stain), the bones of the house need my attention as well.

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