Modern Traditional Lighting

The importance of lighting cannot be understated.  First, it is necessary because unless you are going to use lanterns, it is needed after sundown.  Second, lighting that is done correctly can take your design scheme from average to stunning. There are tons of different lighting options out on the market today but we are going to focus on Modern Traditional lighting in this post.

Choosing great Modern Traditional lighting is as important as choosing the perfect furnishing, maybe more so.  Lighting can accent a great piece of furniture and it can set the whole tone of a room.

Now if the word “modern” is throwing you off, don’t let it.  We are not talking weird angles and cold metal.  What we are describing with Modern Traditional lighting is simple and what could be considered classic, or maybe period-less (eclectic-but not too much).  If you’re not sure what we mean, when you’re at the store and you are looking at lighting and you can’t quite tell what era it’s from, it is probably Modern Traditional.

Modern Traditional lighting are great additions to any room because they are not obtrusive, in fact, they can slide into any room and blend into any style décor (but yet they don’t disappear in the furnishings).  This Modern Traditional lights are, in my opinion, a blend of three styles, modern monastery, City Farmhouse, and they claim some elements of minimalism.  Which to me, makes them an mildly eclectic piece (but of course not too eclectic) and a standout accent to any décor.  The key to lighting and décor in general today, is not too matchy-matchy.  Each piece needs to stand on it’s own while blending in with the other décor elements.

Silhouettes are clean and the overall feel, diminutive.  You can put a larger chandelier in a room it just has to be clean lined and balanced overall as shown below with this simple candle chandelier.

Here are some overhead ceiling ideas. Again, focus on delicate, minimal lines when looking for a lighting choice for Modern Traditional.  Some of you may be flea market or auction experienced, and so you can look for this same style while your out searching for you own finds.

Table lamps are another great element to add to any room for task lighting.  In addition to the workability of the light, a lamp can be a piece of art on a table.  Again, Modern Traditional lamps should blend in and work with the décor and not be a show-stopping piece.

That same philosophy goes with floor lamps.  Keep the setting uncomplicated and your Modern Traditional lighting choice will work perfectly.

Wall sconces are slightly different in that you can have a bit more fun with them.  Think of them as a piece of wall art strategically placed.  Here you can bring in some warm wood, brass and some slightly different shapes.  Swing arm sconces not only are trendy but they are functional, you can move the light to where it is needed without having to invest into a table lamp.

Modern Traditional lighting has a fundamental approach of “less is more”, and that everything has a purpose and it isn’t just about ornamental design. The biggest key while putting together your lighting design, is to have the overall look be something that feels as though it was pieced together over time.

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