My Head is in Wonderland, Again!

Today, I was flipping through Instagram, and I came across this picture from Addison’s Wonderland. The one directly below… drool fest! Thoughts: ““I want to wallpaper right now. Silly, you can’t, you have to work at 3.  Hmm, I need to buy some wallpaper. Dude, you already have wallpaper, so try and be practical. What should I wall paper? Girl, you have been trying to figure that out for months””. These would all be Shirley things: have a million ideas a minute, can’t finish one thing, before I start another”.  My siblings say, I’m the most like mom. 😳

Back to the picture…. Literally, my head was in circles… Drunk with images from this photo. That’s funny that I used the word DRUNK. You must understand, Anderson humor!! As you may have realized from other posts, my mother was an alcoholic for a time in her life. However, she did recover, and I’m proud of her for that… also, there was so much more to my mother than drinking. She was an artist to the core. To recover from alcoholism is a literal miracle in my book. I see so many sad stories in Healthcare, and it’s made me realize how strong my mother was. I love her dearly, and immeasurably proud of her!  Thank you for recovering mother❤️

Back to the picture… Deeper thought sets in: it’s so dreamy, it reminds me of an old vintage house. Which brought me back to my grandmothers farm. There were two homes on the property, and the second home is owned by my Uncle Ray. Uncle Ray didn’t live there, but he owned it, and for a time my brother Randy lived there. I remember the old vintage wallpaper that caressed the walls upstairs. I was just a little girl when I was eyeing those vintage prints. I wondered, what it was like for the generation before me to live in such magic.  It was magical, just like the wallpaper below. Back in that time, many ceilings were wallpapered. DREAMY

Addison’s Wonderland is a perfect name for this blog. I don’t think there is another designer out there like her, or at least I haven’t found that person, as of yet. Her decor is so dreamy, and true to herself. There are so many times, I get caught up in how others decorate, that I loose the sense of my decor. She inspires me to be true to myself with decor.

Looking at this picture above, just look at the old door, with the glass knob, and how it’s anchored open. She literally designed this room, and had the thought to ellicit such a picture. I’m telling you, she is talented!  From the name, to the decor, her presentation of her decor, and just everything. Literally, she was sent from heaven to make magic here on earth! Okay, back to the door! I was having a Shirley moment. No,  not a squirrel moment, a Shirley moment. Shirley moments are kinda like squirrel moments🤪. Again, back to the door: It makes me think of Allyson’s Wonderland, and how Allyson had one adventure after another in a very magical place. She never knew what she would find behind the door. It was always magical and intriguing. Look at those two girls sitting on the bed, one doing the other’s hair. The door inviting us to look at them, and the possibilities of dreaming BIG dreams.

Seriously though, this picture evokes so many things: dream big, and be YOU in style, decor, and don’t be scared to push the envelope. It also brings me to so many places: grandmas house, the book Allyson’s Wonderland, and future adventures in decor.

Do you have any wallpapered spaces? Are you thinking about wallpapering? I’m totally going to do it! I actually have this beautiful wallpaper below. I purchased it for an area in mind, however, since that time I changed my mind.

I think the hall bathroom will score it. Possibly with some gorgeous ship lap, and gold fixtures.

The husband won’t like the thought of wallpaper, one iota, because when we moved into our current home, we removed wallpaper for days. Wallpaper that was directly on sheet rock! However, nowadays there is stickable / easily removable wallpaper. Which would be accurate for the print above.

I will keep you updated once my print scores a permanent home! Also, do you have any wonderland areas in your home? Please share!!! How about favorite designers or bloggers you love, please share that too. I love inspiration!!

Lots of ❤️,


(Featured image is also from Addison’s Wonderland & my hummingbird wallpaper is from Target).

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