My Little Big Brother on His Day!

Today (July 11th), is my brother Lonny’s birthday!  He is 46.  I can’t believe that it has already been 6 years since we were all together for this picture for his 40th SURPRISE day!  And yes,  you were surprised Lonny!

This guy is a curious mix of midwestern Redneck (meant in the lovingest of terms), and overprotective patriarch.  Which I lovingly refer to as Rednariach (get it, like Thor Ragnarok?).  It is a fitting title, considering we have never followed any of the stereotypical norms of any normal family system.  Lonny definitely doesn’t fit any norm.  I mean seriously, you see this pull up and yep, I’m a redneck!  

If you read my post My Superheroes you will know that I idolized my older brother’s Daren and Randy.  They were my first superheroes!  However, even though he is 2 years younger than me, Lonny has stepped up more than MANY times to be a hero in my life!  I think of him as Thor, swooping in to save the day, with his ego humor in tow!  

I don’t know how to describe Lonny.  He is all at once one of the craziest people I know, and yet he one of the most well grounded.  He is fiercely protective of his family, and I would fear for anyone that tried to hurt any one of us.  And yet, he is one of the softest people I know.  His bark is most definitely bigger than his bite with those he loves!

He is always the first to lend a hand to any one of his impulsive sisters, with their latest design plans.  We need a wall torn out, Lonny’s there!  We need a wall built, Lonny’s there!  We need a 16 foot wall painted, Lonny’s there!  We need the ground dug out 6 feet deep around window wells, Lonny’s there!  We need landscaping done, Lonny’s there!  We need to move something (countless times), Lonny’s there!   We need anything built, Lonny’s there!  Lonny loves to go and play around on his future in-laws farm.  AND, if he can drive some sort of heavy equipment while “helping”, HE’S THERE!! 

He would at any point do anything for his family!

This is the uncle that literally at the age of now 46, STILL wrestles with his nieces and nephews!  Once the wrestling matches start, I almost always lose my mind, as it commences a CONSTANT stream of what seems an endless amount screaming, laughing and running.  Here he is wrangling in Madi and Ethan, LONNY STYLE, with the dogs in tow!

Lonny lives in the cities but he makes it to Rochester on a regular basis.  He loves to come and visit and he especially loves to come and see the kids!  But Lonny doesn’t just pull up in his truck all quiet like, oh no, he pulls up like a pistol, with his favorite toy in tow, ready to entertain his nieces and nephews (okay, and his sisters!) with rides all day!

HAHAHA, just kidding!  This is his TOY!

And we love it!  It’s amazing how quickly I forget I am a nurse (and the injuries that I see from vehicles like this) and drive this thing like I am Danica Patrick!  The kids love it more! (Don’t worry, we are careful when we have them along for a ride)  My brother being who he is, loves these adrenaline rides but he is about safety, which is why I let my guard down.  These things are built with some serious safety straps!

Lonny loves his toys!

He also loves his nieces and nephews with a passion!  He keeps tabs on each one, and he is sure to keep them in line.  They are, by extension, his own kids in a way, and he has quite a crew!  There are a few missing from this pic!

Can I tell you the NUMBER of FAMILY PICS that this guy has put his own CRAZY LONNY stamp on??

Or the times I have asked him to smile NICELY for a lone pic??

He can’t help this goofiness…it started as a young child.

I blame it on dad….too much sugar as a child!  Here he is, completely defying mom who I remember specifically saying, do not give Lonny any pop.  Not only did dad give him pop but he put a nipple on it to make it easier for him.  It was so funny because I remember Lonny starting to drink from this make shift “bottle” and then the carbonation made it start spraying everywhere!  It was so funny!   Even mom couldn’t help but laugh at this sight.

Dad was Lonny’s best friend.  When we lost dad, Lonny was pretty lost for a time himself.  These two were together all the time.  They were Ying and Yang, Siscal and Ebert, and Oscar and Felix!  Dad worried a lot toward the end of his illness about Lonny; what he (Lon) would do without him (dad).  I told him not to worry, that he had the 4 sisters that would look after him for all time, enough mothering for any brother to say the least!

Plus now we have Sara to help us keep him in line (bless her heart, it’s a constant job, keeping tabs on this guy!).  

Growing up Anderson means many things.  It means that we all definitely walk to the beat of our own drum, some more than other’s.  It means that instead of a Leave it to Beaver type show, we would probably be more of a Duck Dynasty meets The Osbournes reality show!   Seriously, we laugh about this often!  I believe that if we had a reality show it would be a HIT, with the episodes where Uncle LONNY shows up being everyone’s FAVORITE!  It means that we are all every bit as German and Swedish as our grandparents, which generally means we are a complex mix of stubborn, and soft.  It means that we could beat the crap out of one anther, but no one else could touch us!  It means walking into our house (when we were young) at any point close to bed time and finding us laying anywhere and everywhere all over the house (not sure if that’s me or Rox taking all the blanket from Lon!).And it means that for all of our dysfunction, we learned that the MOST important thing in this world is your family! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LONALD!  WE WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT YOU (and we would never get anything redecorated!)!!!!!!

But just so we are clear….it started young ⇓ me taking care of your adrenaline seeking a**!  Here I am, outside in my underwear even, trying to keep you safe.



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