My True Life Partner(s)

I think what I find most intriguing about sibling relationships is how many people don’t have them.  To me that idea is foreign because my siblings have just simply always been around.  In fact, I find it always a little surprising when my co-workers comment how my little sister, Ally and I get along so well (yep, we work in the same place).  They find us chatting in a corner, often laughing about something or coming up with a new scheme or story.  You may find this weird (because many people do) but when I see my sister at work I always get a little excited (she works supplemental, so that means, not often-lucky girl!).  See the thing is, I don’t find that weird.

Don’t get me wrong, we can fight, pull hair, scratch and punch as well as the rest of any other dysfunctional siblings out there.  But as much as we could do that to each other, if anyone else tried to hurt one of us, they would face the wrath of the other siblings.

There are 9 of us.  I have 3 sister’s Roxy, Dawn and Ally and 5 brother’s Randy, Lon and Chad.  (Daren and Douglas died when they were 22 and an infant, respectively.)  So we are now a living tribe of 7.  And I love my tribe dearly!  More than love, believe it or not we actually kind of like each other.

An article on the cover of Time magazine caught my eye several years ago, it read “your true life partner”.  I was intrigued and so I picked it up thinking, who IS my true life partner?  Turns out it’s my siblings!  The article made a lot of sense though and as I read through it, I couldn’t help but think about how true it was.

It read something like, “Your siblings are with you throughout your life.  Your parents start with you but then they leave you all too soon.  Your spouse or significant other comes later, they may stay or they may go.  Your children come in the middle.  But your siblings will see you off from the start and they will see you to the end”.

Kind of cool.  Kind of profound.

I’m sad for people that don’t know sibling like and love.  I am happy for those that do!  I can’t imagine my life without this crazy Anderson bunch!

To my tribe, we’ve had some great times, some sad times, some confusing times, some hilarious times and some hard times, each situation bonded us even more.

To my Life Partners, here’s to the past and to the future!



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