NEVER say never…

Have you ever said, “I will NEVER ______ again”?! Only to find that you have done the very “blah blah” thing you said you would never do?

It is quite silly isn’t it? to say that one will NEVER do “blah blah”?!

Being human, we are ever-changing, ever-growing. We are all at once emotionally invested, then we become completely un-invested in the very thing that once captured attention previously. We change our minds, and we take on different perspectives. The more we experience, the more we learn. And the more we learn, the more we grow.

So why do we do it? As humans why do we have to make a proclamation that we will most undoubtedly not adhere to in the future?

I laugh thinking about it….as it reminds of when I was a child. “I will never eat avacodos, they are so gross (actually I thought up until not so long ago, I do take a while to mature to things)!”. But now, they are a favorite food of mine!

Here are 3 reasons to NEVER say never!


(After losing “said” loved pet….”we will NEVER get another pet (three pets ago….)!”).


I mean…… just WHO could say never to this cute little face?!


“I will NEVER go back to school to finish my BSN degree!”


Turns out you can teach an “old dog” new tricks! I am currently finishing my BSN and you know what….it’s not so bad!


My mother used to always tell me, “you look so nice with short hair!”. The ULTIMATE insult!

“I will NEVER have short hair…that’s for “old people”!


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